Access to work assessment

Hi all, I just wanted to share my recent experience with access to work. Having never had a disability before I had no idea what help was available. Having had my stroke in May 2019, I returned to work just before the first lockdown and naïvely said all I needed was a left-handed keyboard and mouse. Since we returned to a more normal way of working I’ve been assessed by my OHU unit and they recommended me to get an ATW assessment. I had this last week and my work has been advised to purchase me Dragon software which is an advanced dictation program, mainly recommended for people with dyslexia . Having seen In a demonstration I’m very keen to get started. My stroke left me without the use of my right arm so I have to do everything with my left which can be very tiring. They also recommended compact keyboard and desk rest for my right arm. I wish I’d known earlier about ATW and what to ask for. Hope posting this helps other people in their return to work. Don’t be afraid to ask as employers can get reimbursed.


@DorisRose thank you for sharing your positive experience. Access to Work is something I was aware of and had been talking to my boss some adjustments they might be able to provide me. I hadn’t thought about the dragon software though so will look into this further…….more because I struggle to read anything more than a para or 2 and this may help?
Thank you again

@Mrs5K glad I was able to help. Have a look at “Freedom of Speech “ as they have a lot of products that would help. Text read and write may help you too. “Handsfree” May also be a good source of information

Good luck

@DorisRose many thanks. I will have a look at those links and also let my boss know about them. Best wishes xx