Abusive Staff: Gwenllian Ward..Glangwili Hospital

Hi I had a stroke 7 months ago..spent 2 nights in Withybush Hospitall..lovely staff no complaints, However I had extreme headache, extreme back ache..huge financial/life insecurity, wondeing if I could ever work again.,Then transferred to Gwenllian Ward, Glangwili hospital Carmarthen. Was welcomed first night..in my visit to the loo (I was slowly walking through the door marked "gents" when I was yelled at..and I mean YELLED AT!!..ordered to GO TO ANOTHER LOO!!..zero explanation..zero respect..this bewildering treatment continued and escalated next day..I was repeatedly yelled at, mocked and belittled..one particular nurse (short dark hair, medium build, youngish,  strong South Wales accent)..directed at me such a tirade of venom, culminating in a public character assasination in front of other staff..that I began to fear for my physical safety. I was dealing with a highly volatile deranged,manipulative person..that seemed to hate me..I was virtually imobile..I had a canula in my arm, and she was administering the meds..I feared she was planning some sort of awful event where it would be my, (now discredited) word against hers. If I had not been discharged that day I would have done a runner..I had money..and contact with my wife. I had..and continue to have many sleepless nights fallout from these events. I needed help..I was kicked when I was down. A stroke ward is a perfect breeding ground for rogue staff cultures..The victims darent report the abuse as they could well end up back in the same ward again..Also whos word is going to be believed, that of a stroke suferer..or that of a medical professional. Power does corrupt. Anyone else have any hospital recolections they feel like sharing? 

Dear Simoni

i feel so sorry for anyone stroking in 2020. The NHS are overwhelmed at most times, but with the pandemic i dread to think of how much care is missing. 
add to this the terrible lack of public knowledge regarding strokes and a perfect storm is created.

To balance things a little, i found a lot of improvement back in 2015. Colchester were highly regarded for stroke treatment and they were nigh on perfect towards me. The paramedic took two minutes to reach my village and the ambulance just five minutes. On arrival at the hospital, staff assisted the ambulance men and i was taken to a dedicated area. A nurse was allocated to me and she promised she would be with me until i got to a ward. The whole stay was good. Properly equipped rehab areas and so on. The biggest problem was the visitors harassing the staff. And of course they were under manned.

But now the NHS have a pandemic to deal with. They cant carry out the existing tasks in addition to the pandemic tasks.

This time last year i was in a critical condition with a failing heart valve. But everything was closing. I paid for treatment and survived. Not sure what would have happened, but it does seem i was saved with just weeks or less to spare.

the NHS is unable to work at the moment. Hopelessly under funded to deal with a pandemic, other than by removing existing facilities.

we no longer have an NHS as before.

Where to from here ?

Thanks again Colin..yes way underfunded NHS.sad to hear today that the £72 Billion odd spent on our "World beating" Test and trace..system resulted in "no discernable difference " to the numbers. To Clarify in early August when I had my stroke,,there were maybe 3 to 6(max) people with virus in this rural hospital, also in my room there was only two out of 5 beds occupied. At that time I cared for my three ancient parent/in laws..with dementia and incontinence issues,,who could be hugely demanding ..especially after I had done a days work earning a living..I got exasperated but never resorted to yelling..

Well said.