Abrupt regression after lengthy period of progress

I’m looking for folks who have had a similar experience. My wife has a stroke 2 years ago this month. Her progress, in speech and mobility has been very good until a couple weeks ago, when we had a very nice meal at a local restaurant. All seemed well (we had almost identical meals) but on Saturday morning, she was violently ill. This was a one time occurrence and it seemed to clear up any food poisoning. She has since regained her appetite and I only mention the episode because of what occurred (coincidentally or not) at the same time.

Abruptly, that Saturday morning, her mobility and balance have suddenly deteriorated. She’s gone from quite efficiently moving unaided to a condition I recall during the first stages of post stroke rehab: she’s spent a couple days in bed, but now, having got her on her feet, she moves from one steady object to the next or relies entirely on me for support until she reaches the next hand hold. This is a giant step backwards and I’ve waited a couple days hoping for some improvement, but so far, no joy. She blames her right (weak) side but cannot articulate exactly what is or isn’t happening there.

Her mood is quite positive most of the time and this is encouraging, but, as I may have mentioned before, she has always shunned physiotherapy and I worry that this is catching up with her.

I’ve taken her to our GP who knows her situation well and she is in the process of organising a CT or MRI scan for my wife, so medically, I think we’re doing all we can for the moment, but I wonder if there are stroke victims out there who have suffered similar abrupt setbacks and whether there is anything else I should be doing to support a recovery.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts



@skladd sorry to hear of your wife’s “regression”. You hear of people who regress when they are unwell but they are usually ok again once they recover but everyone is different. I’m glad you’ve been to the GP & they are organising scans etc.

In relation to her getting back to where she was it is probably just a case of doing the rehab type stuff with her again…build it into tasks she enjoys doing if you can.

I hope this is a temporary blip for her & normal service resumes soon.

Best wishes



Hi there,

I’m 59, stroke was 1.6 years ago. Progress moderate even though I work like a donkey. Set-backs happen. Some bigger than others. I think I have just gone through a major set-back, and am coming out the other side.

Still, that’s nothing to do with what your wife went through. It is puzzling, and I haven’t a clue what to suggest. But settling down is not necessarily a linear process (at least for me). Was she under strain? Exhaustion caught up with her? She overdid things? Did the stroke affect her Cerebellum? Can she walk unaided, normally? Where exactly is her trouble? (I have an exploding foot, for example) I can’t help thinking a piece of this puzzle is missing, and it’s easy to miss some detail, some oddity…

Good luck to you both,
I hope things settle back,
ciao, Roland


Hi, I’ve had the same problem as your wife. Had 4 Strokes 18 months ago and managed a 99% recovery from being paralysed down my right side. Suddenly about 6 weeks ago, I have experienced a deterioration in health which includes dizziness, numb face, dragging leg. Symptoms come and go. Finally got a doctors appointment and they are mystified and taking no further action as I haven’t lost strength or function.


Hello & welcome

Sorry to hear you have had some set backs. Seems the med-profession doesn’t really understand (or isn’t able to explain) the mechanisms at work.

Seems once the neuro- control is affected it gets jolted out of kilter more easily by other bodily challenges - no follow up because “no weakness”: sounds like a weak rationale.

Did you have an informal explanation for strokes that is definitely un-related to this current episode?


Hi @Angela3 and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your set backs. I agree with @SimonInEdinburgh in that the HP has been a bit quick to dismiss you with no further investigation. Did they offer an explanation as to what it might be? If it was me I would go back for a 2nd opinion as those symptoms are not normal. They could be pist stroke regression but you don’t know that.

Good luck & hope things improve soon.