About writing. For me, for you, for everyone ✍

in case anyone is wondering my stroke was two full years ago, I still have many of the difficulties that it created, but I am looking around me for ways to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilled life.

I’ve been reading an author who has some practical suggestions to encourage writing and writers. I am working through some of her exercises.

They are not for discussion, examination or debate. They are for doing.

So here is a beginning which you might like to try. The cost of entry is simply to begin.

Initiation Tool

This tool puts you directly into the water. Take three sheets of A4 paper. Start at the top of page one and for three pages describe how and what you are feeling right now. Begin where you are—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Write about anything and everything that crosses your mind.

This is a free-form exercise. You cannot do it wrong. Be petty, critical, whining, scared. Be excited, adventurous, worried, happy. Be whatever and however you are at this moment. Get current. Feel the current of your own thoughts and emotions. Keep your hand moving and simply hang out on the page. When you have finished writing three pages, stop.

Keep the notes you created to yourself.

Well, there it is, give it a try and if this taster has you wanting more, then maybe that can be arranged

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Incidentally my writing hand doesn’t work well enough to do this freehand.
I’m writing up 500 words on a digital notepad instead.

(There are more of these exercises designed to get you inspired and actively participating.)

I would quite like to be a part of a writing group.
If there are others here with a similar interest maybe we can start one up on this forum.

For me it would be more about taking part than anything to do with how good we think we are and more a bit of fun and something different to try.


As promised elsewhere here is a short piece (lol, hah ha, even) about my recent literary efforts.

This week is week one. This morning was day one.
My task is to write 500 words of whatever fell in or out of my brain, first thing each morning.
I rambled, I wrote, I conquered.
It wasn’t too bad and it did make me think.
I then filed it away as required, not to be viewed again.

The Theme for this week is:

—Week One

(This from The Artists Way Workbook by Julia Cameron - a 12 week course)

Later I will include a bit more about what is also part of the work.

One of my first goals was to not turn this into a Stroke Journal but if you chose to try this you can chose your own goals, or none at all.

I aim to turn my attention to things outside of that very closed circle.
There is room in my life for much more than just stroke, the effects that it has had and what sort of life I see ahead of me.

I have to find my way, as we all do, to test out the possibilities, perhaps also share what is actually now a new adventure.

This exercise is intended to be a relaxed, gentle, enjoyable, activity, just a few minutes each day. It definitely is not a hard schedule or a boot camp. There are no unattainable goals, increases in pace or drives to achieve more.

It is supposed to simply act as a stimulus to the brain, encouraging a boost in creativity, enjoyment and experience. This should all appear naturally without great effort. an opening up of ‘channels’, for want of a better word, will increase energy and flow.

This has parallels with other methods of mind and thought work but it stands independent and does not require subscription to any psychology, religion, or belief system. Neither need it cost anything to participate or need anyone to administer it. You discover and define your own program, proceed at your own speed and set your own goals.

It is aimed to be simple, easy to do and productive of results. It has been around since the 1990’s and has been used in the treatment of all sorts of conditions from writers block to trauma. It has been used professionally by therapists, in self help groups and solo as a self improvement tool.

Its author has written a number of books on the subject but in particular I want to draw your attention to one of her offerings. It contains an an uncomplicated approach, designed as a tool to be used rather than a system to be analysed, discussed or compared…

I will write more of my experiences with this and hope a group using it might be formed. Regardless, for now, I will progress solo with this twelve week course in the hope that I will benefit and others will join me.

The name of the book I am using is:

The Artists Way Workbook by Julia Cameron

Thanks for reading my ramblings

keep on keepin’ on
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(For reference, this post is about 850 words. Not so much a ramble more an expedition!)

Tomorrow only a few hours away now I will produce my second set of five hundred Morning Words. I expect to continue this all the way through each morning for the whole twelve weeks of this activity.

My second set of 500 words is completed and I now consider myself properly started on what looks like it might be a solo journey. One step for me and my destiny, with the moon up in the sky looking down.

Hi, Moon, perhaps this is just for us.

keep on keepin’ on
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I am known for writing and have shelves full of journals to prove it. Lately, though, most of what I actually write is lists of things I need to do…things I should have done yesterday or last week, but forgot to do, or was too tired to do…those are at least 5 pages of words per day. LOL. Lifestyles of the homebody club!

I am on here because, yet again, I was distracted from paying my overdue electric bill. If the lights go out…it is my fault.



People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. So as a glass house person I will refrain from comment.
. . . but I will not sympathise, that will only reinforce something of which you are not proud.
Why am I dancing around this? Because I need to reply but I haven’t got an answer.

The only thing I can say is that I care and without a doubt I am not the only one.

I hope you find good answers to these conundrums before they become an embarrassment…

So no sympathy but a :heart:

I will return later but I have promised myself a cup of Turkish cay, a trivia of great importance.

Take care.


I assume that is a coffee. I finally got the bill paid, and paid a couple more early, while I am at it. Hopefully that will take care of everything until next month.


No it is leaf tea. Drunk black in my case with some sugar due to me being so bitter and twisted I need a load of sweetening.

Its actually my effort at this Artists Way thing I’m doing. It is a sort of substitute. I should be going out somewhere to a museum, art gallery or junk shop and stimulating the creative juices with whatever those venues provide. I can’t get out so I’m improvising my own Turkish tea shop here in front of my laptop. I am pleased to say you are providing ambience. Maybe you are a tourist in these parts?

I’m on my third glass of tea. I’m pleased to hear your dues are paid, you can rest assured they do not charge for being in this tea shop. Maybe I need to duck out, only a couple of glasses left in the pot, Artist exercise over.

keep on keepin’ on
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Hi I have been journaling for sometime, as a therapy exercise that was suggested years back. I don’t do it everyday, I try when I am able and I feel its an outlet for myself. I would love to get into writing and am interested in other ideas. Any links to other ideas be gratefully appreciated.



I’ve only just made a start with this, but I think it will work on a number of levels.
I have been using this forum and feel it has helped me to open up to a range of things.

You don’t have to let disability restrict you. You can and must actively make your own way with this.

I miss photography but started threads encouraging others to do what they can and in addition to post their efforts. I’ve suggested one or two ‘artistic’ and friendly competitive activities.
I’ve also published recipes along with photographs of food I’ve prepared.
I enjoy conversation and have been running a weekly online session where a few of us get together to talk about whatever comes into our heads.

You could take part in all or any of this or start something up yourself.

The possibilities are limitless. Using a mobile phone you can have all sorts of group activities. I don’t get out, but if I could I’d take everyone to feed the ducks in the park, take a look around a local junk shop, the possibilities are enough to boggle anyone with a brain.

Think up something of your own and post it here. I can’t promise instant fame but I’m sure a few folk will tag along.

Hang around there is quite a gang here with a large range of interests and possible activity.

It is good and I would say necessary to have something in your life other than disability.

keep on keepin’ on
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# well I’m breaking a rule here and showing my mornings write for today, make of it what you will

about 8.00 a.m. Wednesday 15052024 this mornings 500 words approx, unedited uncorrected uninteresting

somehow I missed that I had caps lock on
been thinking about god, living up there in one of the more select galaxies. He probably pops by once every time there is an epochal event due. In the mean time he and his buddies rush around collecting angels trying to get in the Guinness book of records watching just how many of them can be stood up on end on the head of a needle.

All of this has been going on so long that these days both needles and angels have become rare commodities.

Just glance over your shoulder. Is that guy over there someone famous? This fame thing is over rated, you tootle about keeping out of the limelight as much as you can and then with a flourish die. These days dying young is just commonplace, leaving that feeling that there could have been more. More of whatever made them famous I suppose.

It quite possibly is just about entertaining the masses, distracting them while looting anything movable that they own.
Where you put all this loot becomes a problem as you realise looters are after your booty too.

Writing all this stimulates the juices, creates loads of creative drool, can be quite messy and then what?

The general public having hoisted you up to a great elevation, or to somewhere on the surface of the moon invite you to look around before bringing you back down to earth with a bump.

Now you have seen everything what will be your choice of direction. Did you see a choice location at one end or the other. Would it be feasible to travel there?
Do you then realise that the place is already taken, in fact all places everywhere are spoken for? When no one will let you in do you begin a homeless tramp moving only because you cannot stay.

Dig a hole, climb a tree. Gather coconuts or turnips. Whistle as you work. Join Snow Whites dwarfs and set off to work. They call me the Big Yin. Accept redundancy pay as there appear to be no options. Steal a pen some ink and paper and begin writing an autobiography which no one wants to read then start lying and call it fiction, friction, dereliction.

The ball starts rolling. Now we are getting somewhere. It speeds up we increase our pace until it moves so fast we cannot keep up and it disappears over the horizon. We trudge in the direction it sped. Some said yes it had passed this way and seemed to be slowing. We break into a run maybe we can catch it. It has been such a long journey.

Then bang we run full tilt into it and fall on our backs.
It stands teetering on a precipice, a few loosened stones roll over the edge falling falling without reaching an end.

Do we shrug turn around and begin the journey back from whence we came taking a glance over our shoulder at the teetering boulder as we leave? Only the boulder knows, this secret will never to be told.
07.49 15.05.2024 bobbi

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Well that is so interesting, I love that you just speak what’s on your mind! Its giving me a few ideas, thanks for sharing. I still need to find my way around this site to see what’s available as group participation. I will continue with my journal. there is so much I want to do writing wise and will continue to push forward when I can family life and my daughter takes up alot of time. But if anything this stroke has taught me, its I am a survivor we all are and that I need show my 11 year old daughter that we can overcome anything.

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@Bobbi Hi sounds interesting. I used to write a photography blog for the local branch of a national mental health charity. When my head clears maybe I’ll give it a try :+1:. Thanks for suggestion. Race you to the Pulitzer Prize :laughing::laughing: @IanM.

Woodcarving. I think you press the small computer type button bottom right. @IanM


@MarnieT @IanM

I am so pleased that you decided to respond. That alone makes me feel my post was worth publishing. I had hoped it might stimulate a response somewhere and if it has persuaded you to explore your own creativity then for me that is a triumph.

I will continue without publishing more of my daily words, but hopefully doing them will help me with what I actually do share. Please follow through and deliberately make an effort to fulfil those goals that you have pictured for yourself.

I am making my own way through this and I hope you are encouraged to make similar efforts. It is all worthwhile and our efforts are taking us in a very positive direction.

All the best to you both and thank you for the encouragement you have offered. I would like to feel it is reflected and serves as a stimulus to you as well. May you make good progress towards your goals.

You are welcome to discuss this with me any time, we each find our own way, but offering and receiving moral support need not limit our growth or potential.

keep on keepin’ on
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@Bobbi :smiley: thanks for that @IanM

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