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We sometimes find it difficult to remember how far we have come. Share your most memorable milestones, no matter how big or small.


It has been awhile for me as my events happened in August 2021, but I am now just over a year out of hospitals. The first time I stood with help x2 was just over a year ago. The longest 57 seconds of my life. I was so excited to tell my daughter and told her I stood for 1 minute. The physical therapist told me the next day she heard me lie to my daughter and that I was going to stand for a minute so I would no longer be a liar. I thought I was going to die and kept asking if it had been a minute yet. She kept saying just a few more seconds. When she finally let me sit, she told me I made it two minutes. I still love that lying PT. She was the absolute best in challenging me.