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hi all it’s been a while since i last posted. I am now a year post stroke and somewhat back to my old self I have come to realise how lucky I am to have got off lightly (I often read your posts and realise what a hard time some of you are having)
After my stroke I was supposed to have a echocardiogram this according to my discharge papers this was supposed to happen within three months, well guess what, I have just had my appointment letter to have it done in February next year. I thought I had somehow dropped out of the system and had given up pursuing it so it will be interesting to see what it shows!
I am sure my recovery has been helped by my keeping as fit as possible, I started by doing short walks and joined my local ramblers group to do longer walks and letting the walk leader know I was a stroke survivor (just in case) I progressed up to walking around the isle of wight costal path in June it was the first long walk unaccompanied so I put a tracker on my phone so my wife knew where I was on each leg of the route and I had to report in to her on an hourly basis (what a pain) So what did I gain apart from a great sense of achievement it was over coming some of the fear of having another stroke and a bit more confidence life is getting back to normal. I still struggle sometimes with my memory and occasionally have problems with some very simple tasks like how much change I should have after buying something. The memory thing although frustrating is something I will just have to live with. I feel I have rambled on a bit so will sign off for now and wish everyone well.



It was lovely to read your update. You sound very positive although you no doubt have your ups and downs.

I have gone through a very similar experience after my stroke six months ago and feel very fortunate not to be in the same situation as some stroke victims.

You were very brave going on such a lengthy walk. I had a panic attack the first time I walked on my own. Fortunately it didn’t last and I got through it and now travel on the local buses. I’m hoping I will be allowed to drive again soon although that will no doubt be very strange. I also have difficulty with cash and short term memory. I have had heart checks but they didn’t show anything. Think that is my problem but believe it doesn’t always show during tests.

Sending best wishes



@alf1 @Cynthiaro5e

Thanks to both of you, it is so good to hear of your progress. I am one year post stroke and a long, long way from managing anything like your achievements. Your messages are inspiring and do encourage me to further effort.
Please keep coming back and let us know how you are doing. It is so uplifting to hear some good news.

Keep on keepin’ on
:+1: :walking_man: :walking_man: :grinning:



I’ve seen your recent message and four months on things are more positive for myself.

I have been driving for three months now. It was a very big milestone for me.

Now the weather is improving, it def helps too. I’m now in a crown green bowls team and doing ok, enjoying the company and have won a few games. :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:

I hope you are still enjoying your walking and have things to look forward to.

Sending my very best wishes


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I am about one year after a stroke and am progressing fairly well , that is to say “two steps forward and one back”. A bit slow I suppose. A little story that may amuse:-

There I was in front of my computer happy clicking away on various sites when my daughter hove in and exclaimed “must find something for you to do, you seem to have too much spare time”. (Oh joy!) “How about a web cam? Then you can contact all our family. " Er yes, seems a good idea” says I faintly hoping that getting a web cam will take long enough for her to forget the idea. She disappears downstairs and reappears holding one of these devices and says “there you are”, and proceeded to install this infernal machine. “Why you ask, are you hostile to this scheme”. " I am not hostile to the scheme it’s just another confounded thing to go wrong. And it ruddy well will”.
“I will show you how it works” she opens Facebook, clicks on something, does some more clicking and lo her image appears on the bottom right hand side of the screen. “There you have it” says she. And off she goes. So I opened Facebook again and clicked on those bits that I think were relevant and nothing useful happens, but it seems that everybody has to operate their phone at the same time. Oh boy! I am mindful of the biblical old Testament tower of Babel. OH really! Now is the time to look it up. Nevertheless with my daughter being resolute, I am sure that I will be made to work the dammed thing in the fullness of time.
More later if wanted. Russ

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Hi @russty
Welcome to the forum although I am sorry you have had a reason to join us :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re progressing well and I think I am reading that your daughter is caring for your various needs for distraction and diversion?

You may find the Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start Click the blue text has some words that you find useful. It particularly mentions to many of us have three steps forwards and two step backward s

You may also find that by clicking the Thursday afternoon zoom cafe link from 1:00 will give you the diversion of talking to like-minded stroke warriors The link is https://bit.ly/StrokeThuCafes

But then again it may be a different tower of Babel requiring more arcane clickings

I dare say the others will be along to say hello and welcome soon :slight_smile:


Thank you. Wasn’t sure if story was suitable. I have others slightly ridiculing myself (do me good I am a bit pompous) if you think they would be welcomed. Russ

Hi Russ

We’re an easygoing bunch because we recognize that we have all had brain injuries and therefore we need support in our recovery and you can’t gauge how other people’s heads work but you know your doesn’t work properly so you assume that there’s doesn’t either.

The worst that will happen is that you won’t get much of a reply.

Caio Simon

Odd! Don’t remember mentioning brain injuries or indicating that my brain doesn’t work properly. You are quite right though, I am not very clever and indeed I have an IQ of several. May I venture to suggest that you reread my latest missive and so doing may realise that you have misinterpreted something. Russ

Well you said…


The generally accepted definition of a stroke is a brain injury…

My brain does not particularly work well giving its got a brain injury - If yours is intact then you didn’t have a stroke. If you have a stroke it’s not intact and you’re lucky if it seems to be all working properly

I’m not sure what’s you reference to latest missive is: Do you mean this one - a reply to a post made last July? I guess misinterpretations pretty common when you have only text

Be well

Enough said, with apologies for your trouble. Russ

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No trouble - communicating clearly was a struggle when all my brain cells aided talking to each other now some of them have died off I’m sure it’s not easier ! :frowning:


Is my small story about web cam of any interest as tis not about stroke?

That requires a subjective …