About the Emotional effects category

Stroke can have an impact on your mental health. Sharing your experience can help you and others manage the ups and downs.

My husband had a stroke 3 weeks ago and it made me an emotional wreck. Less than a week after admission he caught Covid so was then in isolation. I could still visit as long as I wore protective gloves and apron as well as the mask. A week later I caught Covid and was no longer able to visit. I had to ring daily to the nurses desk so that they could pass the phone to him as he was unable to see his mobile phone as the stroke affected his sight. This was awful for both of us. I can now visit and do so every day and I can see some improvement in his sight and co-ordination and he generally looks better. He has low blood pressure when he stands up which they are trying to sort out by reducing his medication but until this is sorted he can’t be discharged. He has some short term memory problems but this can be managed at home. I feel he will be less confused at home and if he can be discharged with a care package to manage his moving around I would be very happy. Hopefully not too long as the stress and trauma for both of us is something we could do without.