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Your recovery from a stroke isn’t limited to the time you spend in the hospital. When you’re ready to leave the hospital, your stroke team will work with you to agree and arrange the support you need to continue your recovery at home. Here you can talk about planning your discharge from hospital and ask questions you may have about the process.

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I had a stroke in December, no warning and so no previous medical history to base a cause for the stroke on. Fortunately I didn’t suffer any effects from the stroke and after three days left hospital. I’m now on meds for cholesterol, blood thinners and high blood pressure. Covering all bases basically.

Hospital now says it could be six months before I get my first outpatients appointment! And my GP just wants me to remain on the meds.

I’d like to come off meds if I can and worry that these NHS delays could result in me staying on meds forever.

Feel I need to force my GP to give me some better advise.
Anyone else been left in limbo like this?

Hi @SBarraclough
Welcome to the forum.

The meds you are on are viewed by medical teams as the basic set and their expectation will be you’ll be on them for life anyway .

They’re the ones that dish out as a knee-jerk reaction.

If you read widely on here you’ll find that stroke time scales are normally measured in years, the NHS is not much faster for most things chronic rather than acute :frowning: and there are a very great number of folk who feel they have been left in limbo - I think abandoned is a more common word.

If you haven’t been tested for a hole in the heart, atrial fibrillation, diabetes etc as the risk factors then You could push for them and they might give you a reason. The blood thinner will be to reduce your likelihood of having a clot & for example it crossing over through a hole in the heart (PFO) - You don’t say whether you had a bleed or a clot but clots are more common.

Blood tests should be well within your GP’s ability to arrange. You could pause your meds then have a blood test & that will confirm whether your blood pressure and cholesterol are ok or if the meds are are you worthwhile risk reduction method.


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Thanks Simon.

I had a feeling that would be the case.

It was a blood clot in one of my carotid artery’s.

Just concerned that these meds are having other effects. I’ve had blood tests and am now booked into having a scan of my liver as there’s an increase in an enzyme?
I’ve reduced the amount of alcohol I drink since the stroke so am concerned it’s the meds causing this possible problem in my liver.

Seen it all to often with family and friends, once on medication the troubles starts.