About me

Hi ime tony
Ime 68 retired . married with 4kids3 boys and off course a daughter or her personal bank manager how come daughters can twist there dad’s round there little finger
I retired from John Lewis after 21 year’s I loved the job and the people I keep in contact with lots of them and still get invited to the function’s
I was an active person cycled 75/100 miles a week golf 3/4 rounds .My wife loved it got rid off me most of the day
Then Xmas 21 omg wow a Life changer that was . sitting there one minute next on the floor the next numb from the neck down Hospital within 40 odd minutes they do say time makes a difference it sure does I had needles like a pin cushion. I was lucky 12 days in there my physio was great up using a Zimmer within 3 days a stick within 5 home for the new year yippee I’m determined to get back to full health walk probably 4/6miles a day never missed a day since march hail rain or shine the gym 3 times a week since beginning of June
The rest is history

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@Tony2 wow I’m in awe of your cycling pre stroke. Sounds like you were very fit. I am trying to get my ealking back on track since my stroke last Dec. Have trouble with my leg as it won’t lift so my foot drags when I walk. Have an orthotics appointment this month to try & sort it then I am hoping I can walk far again :grinning: could be a while before I get back to running though.

Sounds like you’re doing well & hopefully you’ll be back cycling soon.

Best wishes


Thank you Ann
I hope all goes ok next week the longest ride I done was 52miles to loch Lomond on cycle route 75 all flat 95% off the way which was a god send

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