Have now been discharged by the stroke consultant. Feel like I have been left to get on with it ! Apparently I have cerebral amyloid angiopathywhich is why my hypertension caused a bleed at Christmas advice is that there is no cure just lead a he  healthy lylifestyle keep taking meds he has started me on aborostati10 mg which I am not too happy about cos of risks associated  my stroke was a bleed. Also it seems to be giving me leg pain at night. ! On the plus side my walking is better! Had hubby in hospital overnight with another episode of acute pancreatitis. I felt very vulnerable. Luckily my son was able to come over and help! I hate not being independent!! Sorry for moaning! 

morning, it’s good to main that’s what this site is for, as we all understand. Yeah they do just let you at it after a a while, but Iv now been referred for physio which is good. I don’t take those meds but get terrible pain in my both legs to the point I can’t sleep, amd was wondering if anyone else gets that. Hope your feeling ok as it can be savers alone but stay positive and try have a smile amd I’m sure we can all have a nice bit different life

Dear Jane

the feeling of being abandoned was pretty awful before the pandemic, but now it must feel truly hopeless. 
let's think of a few plus points.

a lot of things have reopened and maybe there is a local stroke group for you to contact ?

you know to smile endlessly

you are positive. Stroke hates its victims being positive, so fight all the way.

long covid is making more rehab available and that has to filter through to us SS.

best wishes


hope hubby is recovering and will be home soon.


Jane. Just to say I was put on the same statin after my haemorrhage stroke and queried this after a year and was taken off it. Was put back on it last year after my second minor stroke caused by a tiny clot. My scan then showed the bleed area completely healed. The new jab available for cholesterol may back statins redundant.

Yes it can be hard thereis this web site and one in Facebook called different strokes all the best des

Thank you 

hello boom, thanks for your post,     my legs feel heavy/elastic bands at times, had blood tests, which came back fine, had this about 6 months or so, before the stroke, which did eventually right itself,,,