8 months in and still nowhere near independent. Had telephone consultants on with consultant and now discharged! Feel that I am now left to own devices to sink or swim! Feel

lolike giving up! Thinking of booking myself into respite care to give my husband a break!! 

Dear Jane


i seriously considered a care home for myself but it would have given my wife an impression of failure.

your recovery will go on at full blast, eg your brain will be rewiring, for about two years. And then some after that.

As the country crawls out of hibernation, post lockdown, then local stroke groups might come back to us. I discovered a good help centre in Clacton, who would have thought that. A bit too far for me to travel, but it did show me that help was available.

keep trying.

be positive

smile a lot

you are not alone.


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Thank you colin

Have you made some progress Colin? 

Dont give up Jane  I  had mine 5 yrs ago and still have bad days Ive got one today I feel dizzy and weak and feel sorry for  my husband as well as feeling bad myself. I wish ther e was an answer to it all. Hope you soon feel better. Norma Jean

Jayne I had my stroke 5 years ago and I am better in some ways but I have bad days I have got one today and feel dizzy and weak but I still have to carry on and it isnt easy. I sometimes say I should go in a home as I feel sorry for my husband and worry abouyt him as well as feeling bad myself. I wish there was an answer to it all. 

sorry about  the two messages the computer was playing up and I didnt know the first one had gone through. Norma.

Unfortunately after a stroke its not long before you're left to get on with it. i think you need to come up swith a plan towards regaining your independence. It doesn't need to big big and it doesn't need to cover everything. Could be as simple as making a cup of tea. Once you've decided you need to break the task down into manageable chunks so you can work on individual parts. That's what I do. Works for me. 

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Dear Jane

yes indeed. Progress is slow but I do not give in. I started on day one with paralysis of my whole body, except I could use my right hand. I now drive, walk a couple of miles and my brain operates adequately.

Around your stage (8months?) was rough, but being determined pushed me through.

A cat came and adopted us. Never had any pets, but my lovely Sooty gives me a reason to get up and gives me determination to look after him. 

I attended monthly relaxation sessions, free at the village church, and I paid for weekly physio in group sessions. Worth every penny. 
my motto is...


be positive,

I am not alone.

best wishes


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I hope you do not mind me asking but as you improve does this effect your benefits I am applying for ESA soon I might get into the support group but as you get better does this reflect on someone's benefits

Do you have a stroke team in your area. If not ask your GP or social service what support there might be in your area all the best des

esa takes over ssp pay so as long as your still off work you will get esa for 6-12 months 

Had my first consultation today, spoke to me for 10 mins got me to touch my nose then his finger then said Iv made good recovery and should be normal again by Xmas. Seemed a pointless meeting 

I Don think so. I wish I was in the same position, but I keep trying.

I am under community stroke team! Just felt consultant was too busy to answer my questions over the phone! 

I've never claimed ESA, but I imagine you can only claim as long as you meet the conditions.


Eventually you will loose some benefits.

I get attendance allowance plus my pensions.

Age concern helped me to get the attendance allowance.


Thanks but I need to be n the support group because the whole aim of it is that I cannot work  but thanks hope all is ok do you know how long it takes to get ESA I can apply three months before SSP ends 

Ok hope your stroke team are good mine is all the best