A Warning

Hi All,

It has been said that a TIA stroke is a warning. Not sure what else you can do to protect yourself from having another stroke. I had one May 26th 2022. I have never smoked, don’t drink. Eat sensible & not overweight. Any advice on this would be helpful.

@Woodside welcome. Sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA. They are said to be a warning sign of a potential stroke. Hopefully you’ll have been given some medication / treatment which will reduce the chances of a stroke. Keep up with the healthy living, keep the stress levels down & try not to worry. You could ask your GP what else you can do to ensure your TIA doesn’t turn into a stroke…although there are never any 100% guarantees.
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Hi Woodside-- Have they discovered the cause of yourTIA ? When I had my stroke, they recommended that as soon as I got out of the hospital to see my GP, a neurologist and a cardiologist. I’m glad I did. The cardiologist put a 24-hour heart monitor on me and found that I had afib (a common cause of stroke.) I never felt anything and was totally unaware I had it. He put me on medication to control that as well as blood pressure. I’m also taking blood thinners and something to control cholesterol. Since I am taking steps and doing all I can do to prevent another stroke, I don’t worry about it anymore. P.S. Even though you are doing everything healthy, it is still possible to have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol, both possible stroke causers, so it’s good to have those things checked out if you haven’t alreaady. :heart: Jeanne

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