A Useful Read for Stroke Sufferers

I had a stroke in 2014, which severely affected my right side. I have been fortunate enough to receive help from an A.R.N.I trainer.  The chap who runs the outfit is Dr Tom Balchin. He has just written a book called, "Had a Stroke? Now What?" The book covers just about everything you need to know if you or a loved one has just had a stroke and (usefully for me) comes in ebook format too. Useful/practical information was hard to come by when I had my stroke and this book would have made life a lot easier!

Dear Sheila

Thank you for the information in your post; the book sounds most interesting and I think it would be worth giving it a go so I've just ordered it. I had my stroke in January this year. I had good physio in rehab in hospital but didn't start to walk until at home with the help of a community stroke team. I have weakness on my left side, suffer from a dropped foot and subluxation in my shoulder. I'm walking indoors with the aid of a quad stick and a  splint on my weak leg and can now get up and down stairs. I don't yet have the confidence to walk outdoors but all things taken into consideration, am pleased with the progress I have made with walking. However, my hand and arm are a different story. I have some movement in my thumb and some fingers, but cannot grip anything. A little movement in my wrist but nothing more than that. I do keep exercising and have recently been using a pedal exerciser which I find very good. You know how it is, you want to read anything that may be helpful or even just give you a little hope that more recovery is still possible as time marches on since your stroke.

I hope your progress has been good since your stroke. Thanks once more or details of the book.

Best wishes,

Anne Schofield xxx


Hi Sheila

I have just ordered myself a copy, my mother had a stroke almost five weeks ago now and severly affected her right hand side like yourself. It also has affected her understanding and speech, hoping this book will be of help to me throughout her early recovery and for her once she is able to come home

Keep well x