A Stroke Survivors' Story


My name is Mathew - I haven't posted for a while, sorry. 

I have written a story about my feelings and anxieties of having a stroke, and the steps I took during recovery. I hope you find it of interest.

My story is online at http://www.ironmathewcollins.co.uk/stroke.htm


Well done Matthew. Your experiences will chime with us all.

Thank you for sharing.

I often quote "every stroke is different, but we share many common issues." Boy you are the xact example. So much rings true, and incredibly well written, but so much is very different from my experience.

what comes over in particular is the need for a positive attitude.

best wishes


Matthew. Great account. I can empathise with a lot of what you wrote. Keep on going. Jackie

That is a great story, Mathew - straightforward, humble, honest and relatable. 

We survivors are all different in terms of our deficits, challenges and how we address them. The one thing we share is that we have been given another chance to continue to enjoy life.

Keep on keeping on and keep us posted :-)


Love this - great account Mathew. A very honest and heartening read, I hope things continue to improve for you. You've certainly improved my day yes

Amazing.well done.laugh

My mum has had a stroke recently and this has given me hope, and to remind myself and her to always remain positive. Every stroke is different but with a postive mindset who knows what may happen. Thank you for sharing Mathew and MASSIVE congratulations on your recovery so far! Keep it up!