A stroke ffs

Hi all. Consider myself to be a reasonably fit 57 year old so to suffer a stroke in January was a massive shock to say the least. People say I'm making decent progress and I'm encouraged to hear so many stories of people maing a full recovery which, of course, is my goal. It's five weeks now - would be good to know how others were managing at that point to gauge my progress

Hi Ian, At five weeks I was still on a rehab ward being taught how to walk etc. So you are making good progress indeed.

Dear Ian

at five weeks i was sleeping every two hours. Just managing to walk around my bungalow. Emotionally wrecked. Memory all over the place. Hallucinating. Struggle to speak. 
But improving all the time.

keep positive

lots if us are here for you


Hi Ian

I was a also very fit 65yr old who lost use of left arm and leg. I was told in hospital that the fitter you are when you have a stroke, the quicker your recovery will be.  I was in a wheelchair for 3 days, walking by the end of the week albeit like a drunkard, had a very bad limp for 3 months but now 3 and a half years on and a second stroke (a TIA) I am pretty much back to where I was other than talking jibberish sometimes.  I needed lots of physio which I had to pay for. NHS physio is a joke in my area and now I am back at the gym twice a week until lockdown and lifting weights again.

Every one and every stroke is different so difficult to judge your progress with others but 5 weeks is still very early days and you will be tired so take each day as it comes but never give in. Determination pays off.

Hi Ian, welcome to the forum.  I too suffered  a stroke at the age of 57 in February  2017, also completely out of the blue, caused by high blood pressure that I didn't  know I had.

It sounds as though you are progressing  well at 5 weeks. I spent 5 months in hospital,  including  12 weeks in a rehab unit in a local hospital, where I learned to walk, with an AFO, which I still use as well as using an FES machine, on alternate  days.

Unfortunately  the stroke left me paralysed  on my left side, with no movement  in my left arm and hand.

I live in Kent and have found support  for stroke survivors  to be virtually  non existent.   I had no knowledge  of stroke or the Stroke  Association before this happened to  me  and have never seen a Stroke  Coordinator or a stroke nurse. I have had to pay for private  neuro  physiotherapy.

I am lucky to be blessed with a very supportive  husband who has been  by  my side  since my stroke. With his help and encouragement  I do  daily exercise either  at home or we go out walking depending on  the  weather.

Progress  following  a stroke  is very slow and exhausting but it sounds as though  you are doing well so far. So keep  up the good work. 

Remember,  every stroke is different, as is every stroke survivor. This forum  is excellent for help and advice, there is always  someone  to offer some help and encouragement. Feel free to  ask  for help. Good luck with your recovery and welcome to the  forum. 

Regards Sue 








Hi Ian, 


I had my stroke in March 2018, almost 3 years ago. Affected my dominant right side. I was paralysed down that side for 7 weeks. At week 8 after lots of exercise and physio I finally started to make progress. I now walk with a frame indoors and out. Climb the stairs and am fully self caring. The progress you have made in 5 weeks is truly wonderful keep up the good work. Always remember what your fellow SS's have said, each stroke is as individual as we are. Providing its safe to do so keep moving forward with your recovery who knows where it will take us.


One other tip I was given was to keep a record of what I was doing and add each new achievement. As they said in the importance of being Ernest that way you will always have something sensational  to read ?


Thanks all - it's really good to hear directly from people who have been through this so I'm delighted I registered for the site

Hello Ian ,had my cerebellar  stroke aged 61,bit older than you,  considered myself fit as well , self employed builder, always active . This was 1.5 years ago , I do belive , where you have the stroke in brain makes MASSIVE difference. Things do settle down & poss fit into a bit of a routine. As most others will say , rest & sleep are a great help . I like to potter around house with diy ,every other day for 2 to three hours. This is my physio,  also good keeping my mind occupied,  I like a project !

Good speaking David . 

I was 52 and reasonably fit too. At 5 weeks I was off the acute stroke ward but moved onto the rehab ward. Still couldnt walk, I think I had just managed to transfer independently from bed to the chair next to the bed. Still needed assistance with everything else. 5 years on, I am living independently at home, but unable to work. I can drive short distances but life is totally different to how it used to be. Still have weakness on left side, walk with a crutch, constant fatigue and confusion with mental tasks. 

You dont say what youre weaknesses were at the time of stroke or subsequent progress and what you have re-learnt so hard to guage but there is always progress, even after nearly 5 years, its minute and slow so be very patient. A full recovery would be amazing, lets hope you get there, but 5 weeks is just the beginning.

Only another stroke survivor can understand what you are going through. 
ihave received huge support from SS over the past few years.


You have not given any details of your condition. Recovery is a slow process. I recommend a slow ramping up of activities. I have found walking helps me lot. I started with a short distance, then gradually increased the distance. Initially on the flat. Gardening is a good therapy, but care is needed.

I found mental exercise to be important. Jigsaw Puzzles are good, as they require coordination as well. I enjoy card games.

Discussions can help, but they can be tiring.

Good luck with the recovery. Not too much too soon!

Hi Ian, I was 56 when I had a cerebellar stroke in April 2020. I spent three days at home thinking I had labarynthitis before my speech went on the Thursday and after investigation they told me I had the stroke on the Monday. At week 5 I was in a rehab hospital just about managing to walk on my own. As others have said each stroke is different. I am left with residual balance issues and fatigue but am doing a phased return to work. Jane

Hi Ian, I too had a stroke in January so we are about the same timeline. The stroke I had developed over the course of week starting with a severe headache and then weakness in my left arm and leg. Didn't have a clue it was a stroke even thought it was covid. I have just had my 6 week follow up which went pretty well. The doctor said I can drive again but have lost my HGV and bus licence for a year. I could walk from the start but was dragging my left leg, my arm wasn't too bad but definitely weeker. My walking has improved, nearly up to a mile now. I do get absolutely exhausted some days, and for me this is the worse thing. The doctor said this is to be expected as it's very early days. Hope you keep getting stronger.


Hello Jane ,also cerebellar stroke , July 2019 , I belive this is almost like the main telephone exchange, where all cables (nerves ) come together. Back to work , you are doing well , I couldn't think about it.FATIGUE ! , mobility etc , I think only 5% have cerebellar & also survive . I feel unlike others on here , have not really improved , but better at managing it & understanding my limits . Also about a week before a&e ,more difficulty to reconise ?  Wish you all the best David. 

I’m 49 had a cerebrovascular stroke last Feb the fatigue is one of the hardest things for me and I get very emotional but physically recovering well

Had my stroke Feb 2020, fatigue is a challenge, but managing it better. my emotional responses have improved, but can still hit me. Particularly if someone has been kind to me.

Thanks Richard - I'm making progress overall but have good days and bad days. Hope you're getting fitter

thanks Jane  - hope you continue to improve

Thanks for this and the advice. my left hand side is affected but Im

'm managing plenty of walking. Just about to start a thread as I've got a problem with my rotator cuff which is uncomfortable with certain movements. Wondering how to proceed?

Good luck and thanks again

Thanks Colin - hope things are improving for you.


All the best