A stroke before retirement age!

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, I had my stroke 4 weeks ago. I was on a day trip to Brugge (Belgium), hence why I'm called Brugge.....lol. I would like to share my life changing experience with anyone that maybe interested. And I would certainly like to hear yours.   Brugge 

Folks on this site will be pleased to hear your story, they will be able to share their support and advice.  Early days, hope you are making good progress xx

Thank you

Hi Brugge, I was lucky really when I had my strokes as we i was 65 and we had just come back from going round the world. Hopefully we will be able to travel again.

Hi Peter, yes there's no reason why us ss shouldn't travel. There are plenty of insurance companies out there that will insure you. Even for day trips!....lol.  I'm just thankful my stroke didn't happen when I went to the Greek Island of zante, one month before Belgium! (Don't know what their health service is like out there?)


Once I can talk and swallow properly I'll be off. Is getting better all the time. I would like to go back to langkawi in Malaysia it was beautiful with ridiculous warm sea.