A stroke at 33

Hi all

I’m Maroulla and this year I had a stroke as a complication of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. It’s been scary as my symptoms were a headache that was so severe! I never had headaches so unsure as to what was going on. I hope to connect with people who have had a similar experience and get an idea of help and support I can get. Any help will be greatly received :relaxed:


Hi, welcome to our forum, so sorry to hear of your stroke at such a young age. Hopefully you will find this a useful website. Feel free to ask questions or to rant and have a moan if you feel it necessary. Another website you may find helpful is www.differentstrokes.co.uk a UK stroke charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors. Hope you find them useful.

Regards Sue

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@maroulla.w.anderson welcome to the forum but sorry you had a stroke. I had a different type of stroke but there are many here who will be able to advise.

Hopefully your recovery is going well.

Best wishes to you & we look forward to hearing more from you.

Ann x

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I had a different type of stroke to you but I am sure you will find the help and support on this site very useful. all the best for your recovery, Moira. :bouquet:

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Thanks for getting in touch and I had Pfizer but they’re unsure to the cause of the clots that I had. Seems like a supportive forum so I’m glad for the advice

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I hope you’re keeping well and recovering well. It’s just about taking it a day at a time.

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Thank you Moira that’s kind of you to say

Thanks Sue, I will give the link a visit and see what information I can find

Welcome and good luck on your journey to recovery. I had a bleed the day after my 50th birthday june 5th this year.

Hi - I also had a CVST - if I can give you any help :thinking: