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Hi there!,

I had my stroke last September, 2021. It was my second stroke after a relativity minor stroke some time before. It was ordinary day and I was walking home, a few yards from my door, when I collapsed.

You will know the story about your stroke and your life. I’m interested to listen to your story about the stroke and your life!!

I’m interested finding people to share with their stories with the stroke (and life) with me (and others?) in conversation by in person, in Zoom, by text, email!!

If you are interested my idea please me at hughknopf@rocketmail.com

Leona - I think you might find what you are looking for right here on this website. There are many of us here who check in regularly, ask questions, etc. so, if there is anything in particular you want to post, or ask about, please do so. For myself, Jeanne,(age 77 now) I had my ischemic stroke 3 yrs, 10 mos. ago. Was in the hospital 3 weeks, totally paralyzed on the left side. Went home and did physio/occupational therapies 2 times a week for about 5 months, and of course, continued exercises after that at home. It’s been a long hard slog to the present, but now I walk unaided a mile a day and play ukulele and piano. To look at me you wouldn’t guess I’d had a stroke. But, my stamina level is still low. I tire easily. In many ways the stroke was a blessing. It changed my outlook on life for the better. I appreciate every little thing and every person so much more now. I notice that I am continuing to improve in all ways. So, that is why I encourage every stroke survivor to keep on keeping on. My best to you, and WELCOME! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in February 2017 aged 57. I was fit and healthy, never smoked, enjoyed a glass of wine at the weekend. Apparently stroke was caused by high blood pressure !!! Very unlucky according to the consultant who operated on me at the time. Unfortunately the stroke resulted in left side paralysis. I now walk with a stick but am still working hard on getting some functional movement in my arm and hand.

This is a great forum to ask questions and opinions. Good luck with your recovery.
Regards Sue

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My name is Hugh! I thank you for your reply. Would like to chat by Skype or Zoom?

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. What a story, great news that your functional movement in your arm and hand! Fatigue is a problem for me. You?

Hi, I’m new to all of this. I had an Ischemic stroke 28th Feb, 4 days before I was due to fly to the US to see my son and his family, first time in 2 1/2yrs. Mild, so I appreciate I am very lucky. Actually watched myself in the bathroom mirror while having it, whole left side went numb and unable to move. I know there are many of you out there who have had a much tougher time, hence I feel out of place being here, but I am struggling. Have had a miserable time getting medications right, alergic reactions to Statins, also found out that I have AF too. I am very lucky to have my full mobility, but feel tired often, especially after holding a conversation for a while, pottering in the garden, household chores. Fuzzy head when doing paperwork (own a buisiness so need to keep it together) Lost confidence in going out by myself too, feel unable to walk my 15mth Saint Bernard, he is a strong lad. Get a fuzzy head when bending down, so picking up, poop would be out of the question. I just don’t know what to expect. I have had some good days recently, feeling quite positive but seem to have gone backwards. Brain fog is tough to handle too. Everyone who meets me says I look really well, when inside I feel confused and lost. Am I normal?

I think @Mahoney is spot on we all feel a bit like this - I certainly do :scream: but we must believe things will improve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Sarah G,

Thank you for your message. All the ‘symptoms’ of a stroke you are experiencing are ‘normal’ but tough, very tough in my experience. I look ‘normal’ day to day but I’m ‘feel confused and lost’ like you seem to find. Sometimes I experience get a better day too but when I’m bad I’m bad! Struggling!

Well done for starting a conversation! I would like to continue with it someone way-perhaps in the same way- alternatively my email is hughknopf@rocketmail.com)

Hi Sarah-- I know what you’re going through. I couldn’t take statins either. The doc put me on Zetia. It works differently. Doesn’t bother me, but doesn’t lower LDL as much as statins. I am really watching Saturated Fats and processed foods. I found that I had Afib, as well, and that’s what caused the stroke. I went through months of finding the right med that I could tolerate. Can’t use Beta Blockers . The cardiologist finally tried diltiazem 180mg EX, which is in a different drug glass. (A Calcium channel blocker.) It doesn’t bother me, lowers BP as well, and no more afib. All the meds slowed my heart rate down a lot, which I’m finding often happens in order to stop afib. So, I had a pacemaker put in, that keeps my heart rate up to normal. That was a piece of cake . I have finally adjusted to all these various changes. But it does take a while to get the body used to the meds and settled, as well as brain healing from the stroke experience. I had "brain fog’ for many, many months. Your brain has to heal. Now, almost 4 years later I am still foggy when I get tired. Hang in there. Things will improve. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi Leona

I was chatting to a friend yesterday, and telling her how I was feeling lost and confused. She wondered if it was because I had no control over what has happened. It just happened in a matter of minutes, couldn’t stop it, or though I did try, yelled out to husband to get me an aspirin and told him I think I was having a stroke. I could see what was happening in the bathroom mirror, my reflection still haunts me sometimes now, especially when brain feels a bit wishy washy and I have a spot of buzzing in my ears. Keep thinking will it happen again. All I did was pick up the bathroom scales, felt a twinge in my thigh and that was the start of the whole of my left side going numb. I ended up on the floor in a most awkward position. Why I didn’t flop down on the loo I don’t know, would have made it easier for everyone. I ended up behind the door, but Duke, my Saint Bernard was able to pop his head round and give me a big slobbery kiss. I keep trying to find the funny side of it all.