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I am one year post stroke and 6 months post TIA, today I had what we all thought was another TIA - very similar episode to what happened in November and after 999 call emergency ambulance to hospital, with paramedics suspecting TIA too. My normally low blood pressure was sky high, my right side tremor, facial numbness and slight droop returned hence thinking it was another TIA.
CT was clear - as always - and then the consultant came in to say she now wonders if all my previous episode’s could potentially have been misdiagnosed as strokes/TIA’s and that she is referring me to a neurologist for a second opinion as it is unusual to present with the same symptoms each time (this would only be the third) and that it could just be migraine - I’ve never suffered from migraine, have no pain when this happens but do have a history of DVT’s.
I have post stroke fatigue, which I’ve had since last April, and a tremor that has become worse with these TIA’s
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, if anyone has same/similar symptoms if you have had multiple issues, or if migraine has been suggested, or neuro second opinion.
Feeling very confused right now and a little ‘fobbed off’ if I’m honest.


@DebsC Have you had an MRI done? I would have thought your stroke & TIAs would show on an MRI. CTs don’t always pick things up.

There is a condition called Functional Neurological Disorder which has a lot of symptoms that present as similar to a stroke. A neurologist is the person you would need to see re this & i wonder if they are referring you to one to see. I’m not saying you could have it rather just throwing it out there as a possibility. I was diagnosed with it following my stroke.

You could have a look at this website & see what you think.


Really hope you get some answers soon.

Best wishes.

Ann xx


Hi Ann, yes I’ve had 2 MRI’s in the last year and yes also to a possible FND investigation - that’s now what they are referring me to Neuro for.
Thank you for sending me the link, I will have a look, and your reply is reassuring
Debbie x


@DebsC good luck. I hope you get some answers soon. Took me ages to get my head around the FND suggestion but I think I’m ok with it now xx


@DebsC I am seeing a neurologist too mine was after 2 separate seizures caused by my stroke, on medication now for seizures, never give up chase the consultant ask questions on your hospital letters it will have the secretaries email, email them with your queries, but don’t let them fob you off, that makes their job easier. Good luck