A milestone

Just wanted to share a bit of hope around.

It is now 3 years to the day that my blood pressure was measured post stroke at 246/142. All I knew was I woke up unable to move my right side, and got taken to hospital.

Probably 6 months till my foot was no longer a brick at the end of my leg.

9 months in and the physios declared "the end", nothing more they could do for me.

A year and I could lift a mug into a cupboard at shoulder height. With difficulty.

This is the hope bit. I never gave up, never stopped going to the gym, and pushing.

I still can't run, I walk funny, and my arm is permanently stiff. But I bench pressed 50kg a few months back. Things keep improving.

So on my anniversary, my advice is never give up, keep pushing for your miracle, and enjoy every improvement as it comes.

We are survivors!

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Nice to hear Hawumph, keep it up. Remember, to imagine yourself running, and spend time watching other people running. This can achieve the same synaptic response as actually doing it, so if that is your goal, include it in your regime. look forward to hearing about more milestones, and well done.

After five years, I got most of my movement back to my left leg, plus extra feeling around my neck.

so yes indeed, my mantra is to try and keep on trying.

well done Hawuph

you are a true survivor

Well said. My mantra is 'never give up, never give in'. I go to three exercise classes a week and can do most things.S till working on my balance and walking. My left shoulder feels frozen but isn't. I keep working at that too.

Hi, thanks for  sharing  your message  of hope around. I think we  all need a bit of  inspiration  from time to  time, it's  easy to get worn down when you feel  you are not achieving  results,  so thanks again, just about to commence  my daily exercise routine. Keep up the good work.

Regards Sue 



Thank you for sharing