A happy story to share rather than my recent rant

Hi everyone just thought I’d share this happy story from earlier today. We went to our local Tesco Superstore for my daily exercise up and down the aisles. As we approached the lift a man in the lift held the door for us. I went into the lift and he commented and said that he had a mild stroke in March 2022 and asked me about mine and it turns out we both spent time in rehab in Orpington Hospital. We got out of the lift and did our shopping, then on the way out he was standing at the lift and said "I hope you don’t mind I’ve bought you these "and gave me a box of chocolates.

He said “you’re doing really well, keep up the good work”. How nice is that, I was blown away. I thought that was so thoughtful and has definitely restored my faith in human nature.

Just thought I’d share this, I’m quick enough to have a moan when it suits, so thought I’d share something happy.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Regards Sue



Thanks for sharing Susan. It is great to hear some good news.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smile: :+1:

I don’t mind if you need to rant. Been there done that.
You might even get a little sympathy.

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@Susan_Jane Hi Sue, what a lovely thing for him to do. I bet that made your day. Enjoy the chocolates xx

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Susan Jayne, What a kind thing for him to do! It does us all good to remember that there are kind, thoughtful people out there. Thanks for sharing. Moira


That is so nice , its kindness tht gets us througj.x


God and I am will step by step of way

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