A growing forum - staying safe

Good day all,
Just a reminder that as the forum community continues to grow please be remember to stay safe and be kind. We have seen a couple of new joiners recommending therapies, treatments and aids.
We do welcome sharing advice on anything that helps the community but we would advise caution, especially if you are contacted directly to purchase any goods and services. Please refer to the forum rules:

Stay safe all and have a lovely day :hugs:


Thanks so much Clement:
In my topic “Motivation” I included two paragraphs from my favorite book on Stroke.
If you think this to be a problem please take it down, but I think the info is valuable.
regards, Derek (outlander).

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Hi Outlander, that’s fine. We’re just making sure that people who come to expressly sell stuff are checked just to make sure their intentions are noble. Especially if they are not affected by stroke.


Thanks so much! Have a great day.


That’s the important phrase because in theory a sales person for selling the revolutionary product does us a favour

The post that was new today does look suspicious whereas others recently have not

There is both the question of veracity and whether actions establishe / erodes precedent


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I would hope that this forum does not turn into a market place.

Many here are in a desperate search for escape from what has befallen them. They are ready and easy prey for promises that could well be false. They could quite possibly part with a great deal of money before realising what is going on.

One of the insidious aspects of stroke is the effect it has on one’s financial state. This means that protection from exploitation, fraud and just being ‘used’ is extremely important. You don’t need or want to be taken advantage of, or equally, to see it happen to another here.

I applaud @CommunityAdmin for bringing these very real issues to our attention.

We can to a degree do something ourselves as forum members by shouting out if we suspect something needs closer examination.

Keep on keepin’ on
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I totally agree. I think though if we come across a product that has helped us such as the flexbar I posted in the thread “My Right Hand” which helped my grip quite a bit, It would be beneficial to our members.
I don’t work for the company, by the way. :rofl:


No Derek, those kind of recommendations are always welcome among us.

It’s the fakers who lie to join, just to say how wonderful this product was that helped them. having some unnamed condition with their left arm. Then go into full sale rep mode when you pm them about it, and are giving you the company name and links in China etc and how they will help you through the process of purchasing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
They’re the ones we need watch out for.


The two topics/ threads from the same user - that are 100% of their contributions to date do stand out from the people who make 100 posts two of which mention therapy tools they’ve used - possibly amongst many

I don’t think it’s yet black and white that their motives arent to be helpful.
& we have a principle of being tolerant - in this case that would mean giving people the benefit of the doubt initially - that needs to be paired with some sort of procedure and role that implements the principle - I think that’s the weak or missing piece

I could imagine somebody kind hearted who had good results with a tool that was in development would be keen to promote it. I’m in groups helping 2 different PhD students as well as another for a startup company - all of whom’s results I will promote if they generate good results for me - far too early to say it

And for example I’ve used Nero ball and grippable and FES from saebo - so when I mentioned them it’s in comparison with each other and my needs

I think the wider topic is that this is illustrative of topics should be discussed amongst us - maybe it’s the sort of topic that the lounge would be a good destination? Obviously everybody doesn’t feel able or interested and some are more motivated and or capable of contributing than others

So I agree that we the members can call out these things.
I’ll give credit to you @EmeraldEyes for flagging the first one, and I’ll take a bow for raising concern about the second one.
We need an available mod team where the burden doesn’t unfairly fall on one single member as it does currently.

this is all the more important now since from Monday there will be one third of the resource that there was at the beginning of the year supporting the forum’s infrastructure and operation.

There are conversations beginning to happen - so that’s a good thing :slight_smile: and this might be a contributor to beneficial changes


It strikes me and I may be wrong, that no end user would write a piece like that


I assume you mean the 2nd topic by naughty?

If so that was certainly my suspicion. The subsequent conversation with Bobby suggest that there may be some innocent goodwill?

the first topic and subsequent replies weren’t obviously sales pitch either. Emeralds comment suggests she had more reason to form a conclusion though.

My main point is that we’re discussing this in open forum.
There is certainly a benefit of transparency in that against which maybe there’s an arguement we ought to have a mechanism where it was picked up and dealt with elsewhere?

So for me it’s less about this individual case than about having the general mechanism to do with them whenever in the rare event that they crop up



Are you thinking Simon something like a report function with a brief list of reasons why ? Police it in the community and admin take the action
Given the numbers in the SA, allow a selected group to act on on reports ? Such as challenge and deletion?

I am in a number of telegram groups, all policed by multiple admin people who are posters and interested in that groups topic. They will delete posts and remove users if need be


The latter .

In the back end of discourse the platform this forum runs all the necessary tools. In fact it could be accused of being half way towards a surveillance system!

What we don’t currently have is organised role holders - I hope and there is a reason to be hopeful that this is It will be addressed, it’s on an agenda,

The question is time scales

There are some resourcing challenges - but there are many here who would be equal to filling a gap and relieving the resource challenges - I’m reminded of the cartoon