A dog’s life

They say that dogs adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. I don’t know how much is true about this but as I can’t start my day hurriedly, this recent four legged acquisition I now live with, waits until I have warmed up my brain enough to engage with consciousness. This is what she does every morning on my bed until I am ready to get up. Is this what they call dog empathy? I am led to believe they are particularly empathetic creatures.


Awww Mollie looks very comfy there @Rups
I think she definitely has empathy with her owner :blush::blush:


@Loshy Missy is just the cutest cat. A proper fur ball. And yes, in my experience if that cats up the whole house has to be up :grin::grin: xx


Aye, my cats are a little less empathetic, especially if I am in the kitchen cooking, and getting underneath my legs is an option. :grin: Your cat is so fluffy.

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My cat Horace is half rag doll, they are the true lounge cats. :smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

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This is Horace, lazing about.


@Rups Horace is sooooo cute :heart_eyes: looks very chilled out.

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Our two


Lovely tabbies, I have a tabby called Daisy.

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@SimonInEdinburgh your cat in the first picture looks very cute & cosy :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

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doesnt he just - thats Tyger - a stray who used to shelter in bad weather an has been calmed over about 7years - he now walks on my keyboard when im M-S-Ging regularly :frowning:

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