A crumpet cooked has to be eaten

I like my food, I enjoy preparing it too.
The cherry on the cake is sharing it with an appreciative audience.
As much as I would like it I won’t be able to let you try my efforts.

However, I can share the recipes and give you a chance to try these delights for yourself.

Had a bit of excitement this morning. The crumpet rings I’d ordered arrived from eBay. I dug out a recipe and Hilary sat poised with camera at the ready. She has started calling me ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Mermaid M0104 Aluminium Crumpet Rings - eBay UK £9.99

The recipe and pictures are in the posts below.

Before we start here are some suggested toppings to set you thinking.

Peanut butter
Sprinkles (for our Dutch friends)
Golden syrup
Lemon curd
Caramel spread

Primula (prawn is our favourite!)
Spread (thank you David Mitchell!)
Cottage cheese
Mashed avocado
Gentleman’s Relish

(list borrowed from Ideas For Crumpet Toppings For Breakfast)

Keep on keepin’ on
In the Kitchen
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Here’s the crumpet recipe:

English Crumpets
How to make delicious English crumpets, simple step by step instructions from start to finish.
This recipe made 9 crumpets.


180g / 6.3oz Plain or All-purpose flour
235g / 235mls Lukewarm water / 40°C / 104°F
4g / 1tsp Instant or active dried yeast
4g / ½tsp Salt
4g / 1tsp Baking powder
6g / 1tsp Sugar
1tbls Olive oil & 30g / 1oz soft butter, for greasing the crumpet rings

You will need 4 to 6 crumpet rings/moulds for this recipe.


Add the sugar and yeast to the warm water, mix well and allow the yeast to activate for 10 minutes until it foams up.

Add the now active yeast mixture to a bowl.
Add the flour and salt to the bowl, and sift in the baking powder, push any lumps through with your fingers.

Using a hand whisk, beat the mixture together for 2 minutes.
Halfway through the whisking, scrape down the sides of the bowl, then continue whisking for the rest of the 2 minutes.
If you are using an electric whisk, beat for only 1 minute.

Scrape down the sides of the again, cover the bowl, and rest it in a warm spot for 45 minutes.
Near the end of the 45 minutes, heat up a large non stick frying pan to a temperature of 190°C that’s 375°F.

Add the olive oil and soft butter to a bowl.
Using a pastry brush, coat the inside of one of the rings with the butter and oil mixture.
Place the ring into the hot pan.

Your crumpet mix should now be active and bubbly.
Spoon the mixture into the hot ring to about halfway up.
Do the same for 3 more rings, don’t overcrowd the pan, you need space to move the rings around.
It is very important to keep the temperature correct and constant at 190°C that’s 375°F, any hotter the bottoms will burn before the tops are cooked.

After 5 minutes the classic crumpet bubbles will start to appear from the edges of the crumpets.
You can use a small pointy knife to pop any stubborn bubbles.
Once the mixture has dried out around the edges, use your oven mitts to lift off the rings.
Once you see that the middles are less gooey, you can carefully turn them over to brown off the tops.

Once golden brown, remove them from the pan and onto a wire rack to cool.
When completely cool, you can freeze these or keep them in your fridge until needed.

To serve these wonderful crumpets, toast them for 3 minutes, serve with butter and jam whilst still piping hot.
Or any topping of your choice.


Recipe from the collection of John Kirkwood, a very able retired cook from the North East of England.

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these are the pictures of the disappearance:

these the rings

this was a bowl of crumpet batter, just after it disappeared

bowl and pan from whence the crumpets vanished

a lone crumpet with butter and Marmite, sadly it did not survive long

three crumpets sit innocently in a pan, unaware of their fate

the three crumpets still in their protective rings, cooling off on a wire rack

suddenly they are exposed and quickly slathered with butter

one by one in swift order they are picked off

they were never going to survive for long

all nine were swiftly dispatched, disappearing as quickly as they appeared

leaving only a sweet memory and some washing up

Here endeth the ancient Ballad of the Crumpet Rings.

Keep on Munchin’
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Darn it, you ate them so fast we don’t even get to see the pics :laughing:


I want them now🤤love cropets with marmite

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I like cooking my Native American culture dish


what is it? I am curious as I only know of one…Poke Weed Salad. My adopted Grandmother was Cherokee, my birth father’s mom was Nez Perce. What tribe are you?


Okay…I had heard of Marmite, just no idea what it was made of, but gentlemen’s relish? Does that mean ladies don’t eat it, or has it been taken over, like GOLF?


It’s an anchovy pate type thing some people call it potted anchovies,it’s very strong tasting but nice if used in small amounts


You all sure like the salty stuff, eh? I saw the Marmite is not recommended for people with heart issues due to salt content, and I know anchovies to be salty. I’m still going to try the Marmite, anyway. Think I will skip the gentlemen’s relish. Wouldn’t want to grow hair on my chest. Probably good in Putinesca Sauce, instead of capers (also salty)?


Probably part of the reason we’re all on here😂


This is a tip I hope will be useful.

It could well be that you discover you don’t want Marmite in your life after all, but if you bought some, don’t waste it.

The dark yeasty substance is full of that trendy stuff ‘Umami’ and rather than throwing it away you could try it in a number of alternative ways.

Add a tablespoonful to stews, make it a part of marinades, add it to gravy, its intense savoury flavour will complement many dishes. It need not go to waste.

But if you discover you are partial to a spoonful, spread it thin on hot buttered toast, try making some English crumpets and give them a little. It will go on fresh bread too, put some on your burger bun, there are many possibilities.

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Or marmite spaghetti just add spoon of butter and spoon of marmite to freshly cooked pasta and toss till coated for a quick tasty lunch


Sprinkle of the cheese of your choice goes well too


Sweet grass wear off evil spirits

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I enjoy cheese on my cottage cheese with some sugar

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