A couple of tips

My husband had a stroke 7 weeks ago. At the start he was not able to speak so I created a letters of the alphabet sheet using a large font in Word and laminated it. He was able to use it to spell out what he wanted to communicate.
Due to loss of movement on his left side, I noticed he struggled to hold a magazine or paper and read it. It kept flopping about. I took him a trouser hanger with two pegs and I now clip the magazine to the hanger and he can now hold it and read comfortably.
This is my first post on this forum and I hope it helps others.
Best wishes to all


Hi @Bridge what very useful tips thank you for sharing.

@Bridge welcome. Sorry to hear your husband had a stroke. Those tips are ingenious. Thank you for sharing them. Wishing your husband all the best for his recovery & best wishes to you too x