A cold!!

I've got my first cold since having a stroke.  Deep joy! I'm struggling to figure out what over the counter medication I can take.  Decided to just go with paracetamol and water.  Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't last very long. ???

Hello Kay, what about trying honey and lemon with your paracetamol. Honey is the most natural medication I’ve been told. Apart from that, snuggle up and rest. Take care and hope you get well soon. V&J

Olbus oil for the blocked nose - but be careful not to get it on your skin, just a few drops on a hankie, but use more like smelling salts don't put the hanky on your skin 'cos it sort of stings!!  Husband currently has raging sore throat, headache and ear-ache - just horrid at the moment ?

Get well soon, dose up xx

Thank you! All the advice gratefully received.  Hope your husband gets well soon.  xx

Thanks for the ideas I'd not thought of honey and lemon.  I need to add it to my online shopping. ?


Unfortunately hubby not getting any better so back to the GP today - this time with menaces!!

Heyho, you can never relax and think that everything is ok ?

I so sorry for you both. I've got a cold.  Sniffing  and coughing but you'd think I had treble pneumonia.  Feeling very sorry for myself. ?

Hopefully the GP will be able to prescribe something that will help your husband get and feel better soon. ????

I don't know if germs hang around for longer post-stroke?  Normally he shrugs things off quite quickly, but he's got an ear infection which causes other problems with related bits n pieces - bloomin' marvellous.  I'm just going to pump him full of anitibiotics.  

You should treat yourself to a hot toddy, having a cold is properly miserable ?

Hope it clears up soon xx

Poor! Gary? I seem to think your husband is called Gary. Apologies to both if this is wrong. 

Hope the antibiotics get things sorted ASAP ?? xx