A bit of advice please

Hi guys I just needed some advice , I had my stroke last year and I'm ok apart from anxiety and fatigue also dizziness.since yesterday I have felt that my ears are about to pop but they won't and it's given me a strange feeling of dizziness the doctor gave me a nasal spray today so just wanted to ask if anyone had anything the same x

Hello Abbijamie1,

I've not had any sensations in my ears but I do remember my early anxiety being quite debilitating - I'd struggle to see past every ache and pain and have had to train myself to not dwell on finding things to worry about.

Now, almost eleven years later, I make sure I'm taking regular exercise, take a low dose of antidepressants and enjoy my life, with all of its ups and downs. Much of my anxiety has faded over time but if I'm unwell or tired, negativity can and does creep in.

After a brain injury, odd sensations, distorted thinking and emotions are fairly normal and are a consequence of the injury.

Take care now,



Thank you for replying it has been a great help x

I'm 2 1/2 years from my stroke.  My head still feels funny, kind of like I'm congested and the feeling sort of includes my ears.  Makes me feel "not clear-headed".  Stroke is weird.  You never know if it's the stroke or something else.  Your symtoms could be stroke related or ear-related.  The nasal spray is a good idea, because if it's your ears, that can make you dizzy.  And after treatment if you're still feeling funny, then maybe your brain needs to heal some more.smileyBest Wishes, Jeanne

Thank you for replying xxx

Thank you for replying.x

You're very welcome - the first year to two years are the worst in many ways but time, patience and nature are the three great healers.