A bit of a damp squid!

So, for 4 months we've been longing for the shops to re-open and spend some money YAY!  Not so :(  We've just come back from Leeds and we were just as deflated as we were yesterday in Wakefield :(  Not all shops are open which is understandable - especially the small shops where social distancing is impossible.  We were expecting John Lewis to be open as Debenhams are and M & S. No apparently not. They aren't opening until 25th June.  They've had 4 months to think about it and still aren't ready..?

We found the reception we got from stores both in Wakefield and Leeds (with the exception of Debenhams who were brill) was very off hand. They pretty much wanted us out of the shop as soon as we got in.  One shop would only let 2 people in at a time (not a small shop either) and we weren't allowed to look at anything. I was told to sit down on a stool while she dealt with my husband. I stood by the stool because I didn't want to sit on it. She got quite snappy telling me to sit on it so I said I would rather stand as I was way more than 2 metres away from her anyway.

I do get the message but I wish people would treat us like adults.  I guess the buzz of shopping till you drop is a thing of the past :(. My husband wanted a fitness watch and I wanted some new trainers for when the gym re-opened.  He wasn't allowed to look at the watches or try them on and I wasn't allowed to look at any trainers.  She asked me my size and brought out one pair and that was my lot. They were too big anyway.  So we couldn't spend any money after all.