920 steps

I walked 920 steps (about 0.5 km) this morning at Blaise castle. It was not without difficulty; severe paresthesia accompanied me from my first step. All down to my wife’s encouragement.


Hi Roland, that is a great achievement. Well done & you’re only a few short steps from the magic 1000.

Great photo too.


And you walked on grass! Well done.


I was going to go up to the house you see to my right (it’s a museum, actually) but decided to leave that for next time. Perhaps I’ll get a lucky day without paresthesia. I now either have a locked-glute day, or a paresthesia day, but never both together; they alternate!


I am more relaxed / looser on grass. Probably because I know that if I fall I will not break anything, just roll about.


Hi Roland, well done that’s a massive achievement and looks like a beautiful place to walk to. Walking on grass is another challenge, well done :clap: for that.

Keep on keeping on

Regards Sue


My phone’s keeping track of my steps for today too :slight_smile:

Since the weather was 'orrid & wet and to save you’re putting the heating on We went for a mooch around Costco!

Freebie chocolates cheese and coffee with biscotti about 10 cc’s of it shared between two of us!

What we didn’t count on with we had to renew our membership! And we couldn’t come out without a panettone, confi duck legs and a bag of coffee beans but at least it wasn’t a three-figure bill like normally :slight_smile:

Here are our pictures


My phone tells me I did Just over a mile today although Lea’s says we did twice as many steps as mine does .

For today’s avoid the rain, don’t turn on the heating, get out of the house, get some steps in where all the surfaces are smooth and level, get free tasters ( today’s were orange chocolate sweets, christmas ginger biscuits and non-alcoholic mulled wine)…

We went to IKEA.
Swedish meatballs, butternut squash soup & coffee cost us a tenner!! and then we joined the free program that gives us free coffee - we’re thinking of going back on Friday for fish and chips for three and a half quid each!

I think it might be a false economy though because Lea planned about £20,000 kitchen while we were wondering through that section - A complete pipe dream!!

We had a good laugh with

Found some polar bears so here are pictures :framed_picture: for Kieran @KGB

And I had a nice distraction taking pictures of things that I thought made interesting compositions, or were just daft or…

The technique of not getting a trolley so everything we were too tempted by had to be carried by hand - with only three between us -was working fine until Lea was too tempted by a rainbow carrier bag :frowning:


Lea could have just put all the other shopping inside the rainbow bag couldn’t she…it certainly looks like it could hold a new kitchen sink in it :crazy_face: :laughing:

And Kieran is going to be none too happy seeing those Panda’s trying to rub shoulders with the Polar Bears, you must know how he feels about Panda’s :laughing:


That was the problem… I’d said no trolley just carry what you want to buy because that would limit the amount and then she picked up a bag and put all the things that she already picked up in the bag and then PICKED UP MORE things

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Thought as much :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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hi Roland that’s brilliant

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