9 weeks later

It's been just over 9weeks since I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, I am now home which is great but I feel cold all the time, my poor husband is constantly turning radiators down as he's sweating, has anyone else suffered with this?

Do have in mind that our main problem is that the brain is not talking to parts of our bodies. I wonder if your brain is being fed messages that wrongly say you are cold ?

Some deep relaxation and lots of determination might improve this issue.


Will definitely look into the deep relaxation & hopefully improve thanks for replying to my post.

Yes I also have body temperature issues. I'm even cold when everyone is walking about in shorts and tee shirts and then out of the blue I will have a hot flush ?. I was menopausal before my stroke and I don' think my body knows wot it's doing.

That's the same as me, was on HRT for the last 3 years . I've found that if I put a blanket over my legs I feel much better. My husband thought it was hilarious that I had one leg out of bed and one arm out as well after complaining about being cold all evening last night ?

I rarely felt cold prior to my stroke (August 2018] but haven’t really felt warm since. Not sure what to advise. I've made sure I have warm clothes for inside as well as outside, although I’m hoping that I’ll feel better in the summer. Well, when we get some summer weather! 

Here's hoping we get a summer soon!

Hi Katy,  Pauline here, hope we have a summer soon! We have been away for a few days to see if it would help me,  but had to come back today because of the rain.  I have fatigue tiredness following my stroke and have to keep laying down throughout the day, my husband has to do most things around the home, but I’m hoping one day I shall b a lot better and able to do my own thing again.  I try to keep positive!!  Keep strong. X

Hi Pauline, I hope you're feeling stronger soon, has it been long since your stroke? This weather has been so depressing I wish it would hurry up and get better. Today was the first day I felt tired and fell asleep on the sofa this afternoon but most days I am not bad. I have my OT coming to visit next Monday for the first time, it will be nice to be able to ask some questions as the doctor I saw at my surgery last week couldn't answer anything as "neurology is not his department". X

Yes, I feel the cold too! Have Raynauds syndrome and always got numb finger tips in the winter but now my whole fingers are going numb in the “so called” summer! I do wonder whether that is linked to the clopidogrel making my blood thinner though.

Ok so it's now 10wks since my subarachnoid hemorrhage & things are going well, had a visit from my OT on Tue which was good, she has advised that instead of just going up down the stairs once a day try going up & down every couple of hours to build up my stamina so have taken that on board & it seems to be working I feel stronger and am managing the stairs so much easier. Hope you are all getting on ok x

Lovely positive post Katy. 

Thats good progress in such a short space of time. Getting stronger is really nice, isnt it. Maybe you could set yourself a few goals of things you want to achieve and then work towrads them. Maybe also you could benefit if you keep a diary of what is happening each day. Its good to look back at your progress.

Best wishes


Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply. My OT advised that I keep a diary so I bought a book in WHSmiths that has 3 parts to it-, 1. 3 things you're grateful for today 2. Challenge of the day big or small 3. Goal,how you're going to achieve it and why you want to , there's also a bit at the back for filling out weekly it's called my Happy Journal  would definitely recommend. bes wishes

Thats interesting. I havent heard of that book. Sounds made to measure for us SS.


Does anyone know when you get an appointment to have a scan after being discharged from hospital? I keep reading it could be 3-6 months depending on your area.