8 weeks!

I had a stroke 8 weeks ago. I am still waiting for my first follow up appointment at the stroke clinic (it's not quite 6 weeks since I was discharged)

I am recovering well. I have told many people that I have had a  stroke.

I am recovering well and it is not that obvious from my speaking and mobility that I have had a stroke (to me I can feel and hear it, I am very fatigued and there are still things I can't do)

Now that I going out and about a bit more and starting in a limited way to do something I did before the stroke, therefore meeting people that don't necessarily know what has happened. Do you  automatically tell people, or is it on a need to know basis( it may effect what I am doing)?

You are doing so very well. 
people do not understand strokes. We have a bad name. Totally unjustified.

i think you should avoid telling that you have had a stroke. I told everyone, to explain my lost memory etc and now have to try and recover from that error.

you may need to say that you tire very quickly and that you need rest. I think that is better, ie you need to be accepted as you are, not as you were.

just my view




Hi - I agree with the advice that Colin gave and wouldn't necessarily tell people. 
I was the same as you when I had my stroke two (and a half) years ago, with no obvious external signs of having had a stroke so people wouldn't know unless I told them. The people that needed to know did know but I didn't feel it necessary to tell others unless there was a specific reason to do so. 
In the end you need to do what feels comfortable for you.