72 hour heart monitor

I’m being fitted with one of these tomorrow. No idea whether they will find anything problematic. It’s almost a year since my stroke so I hope not. Have any of you had one? What was the process like?

You will get a few sticky electrode pads stuck on your chest and these have wires connected which connect into a recorder (about the size of a mobile phone). That records your heart activity over the time it is fitted.
It is none intrusive but you must be careful not to do anything that detaches the wires or you may end uo having to repeat the test. Also you must not get the recorder wet.

Thought that so I’ll have a shower tonight before the process

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@FionaB1 I had one too. It was pretty easy. Takes a few mins to set up then off you go. I had to keep a diary too of things like bed time, getting up time, if I had any palpitations etc. You can’t get it wet & need to try not to pull the wires off. I was given some spare pads in case any came off. Hope it doesn’t pick anything up for you.

I think they are just checking for irregular heartbeat. It is more a check to make sure everything is okay. No-one explained it to me but doc told me the test said everything was okay.

Oh yes I’m right side disabled so can’t write. My effort to make notes with left hand was somewhat erratic and probably totally unreadable. Hey ho not to worry, eh? I dare them to complain ! !
I did make an effort of sorts.

Yes, I had one. Not a problem at all, even when you sleep.

Hi @FionaB1 - I have had three lots of heart monitoring and each time I was allowed to shower. I removed the unit and had a quick shower, trying to avoid displacing the sticky pads. However, the hospital had given me some spares in case they came off and I needed to replace them.
Maybe different hospitals give different instructions.
Hope it goes well.

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Hi. I also had one fitted on two occasions. One for a week and.had to keep a diary. I am unable to write because of right hand lack of mobility. I found this very frustrating! Lilian

I had one about 5 weeks ago. Hospital will give you instruction sheet in case wires come off the sticky pads. They are colour coded and need to be placed in colour order but picture instructions clearly show the location of the 4 pads.

Having it fitted was very easy. I only seem to have three pads and I have spare stickies for taking it off and having a shower so I needn’t have worried about that. Going to take it back to the GPs on Friday and then should get my results in about 3 weeks


Hi Fiona-- They fitted me with one of these right after my stroke. It’s not a big deal, except you’ll want to sponge bath while you have it on. The wires are stuck on with sticky pads and are long enough to the divice that I could put my device in a pocket and go about my usual activities. They did discover afib,(Of which I was unaware) and felt that that caused the stroke. So, the doctor put me on medicine to control afib and blood thinners–to prevent any future problem. It was a load off my mind. I was glad they found something, because then it could be treated and I don’t worry about future strokes. :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down: :heart:Jeanne

I had a heart monitor on in hospital but nothing since. I am on blood thinners already but I suppose if they do find anything they can give me something else instead

or as well! I,m not keen on taking any more medication than I have to but I suppose if they do find anything then it’s worth treating it

At first they put me on beta-blockers for the afib. They made me feel awful. So, they tried diltiazem 180 EX. It is a different class of drug-calcium channel blocker. I don’t even know I’m taking it. --Also Elequis and baby aspirin. for thinners. It’s good they’re checking you again. Because if one has afib, it’s not all the time, and may not show up on one testing, but might on another.

Had a 24 hr one on yesterday. Could not shower or bath. But 72 hrs no shower? Mabe tgey will tell you??
They were looking for atrial fibulation on me.

@Chrisfw I had a 72 hr one & was told no shower. It was a strip wash at sink instead… just like being a child again when we bathed once a week & washed at sink in between :rofl::rofl:

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My mistake, yes 3 pads

I have been given spare pads and instructions on how to replace the thing after a shower. It’s just as well as it fell off last night and I’ve had to put it back on again anyway. I hope that doesn’t mean that I have to repeat the whole process. Yes, they are testing me for AF too. 2

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I’m not sure how long it was off for but the worst that can happen is that I have to reapeat it

You can just unclick it and have a shower the nurse who fits it will show you how it’s very easy ! Mine came back normal they do it as a precaution! Try not to worry carry on as normal with your day !! Xx

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