5 weeks post stroke and in the process of moving house

Here I am just over 5 weeks from my ischemic stroke. Some things have improved, slightly longer walks with my dogs and jobs around the house. Still getting tired, but I have learnt to rest in between activities. I am finding it hard not knowing what may have caused my stroke and dont have a follow up until 6 March (by phone). My GP has listened to my concerns and has arranged a 24 hour heart monitor as I think I may have atrial fibrillation.
My worry now is I am in the process of moving house and currently living with my daughter. Has anyone else moved during stroke recovery? I am concerned about continuity of care as I moving to a different area.

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@Ktrean60 just wanted to say good luck with the move. I haven’t moved house since my stroke so not got any real advice other than make sure you tell your existing specialists so they can maybe refer you to services in your new area rather than your current one.

When you register at a new surgery they should request your records - or you never know they might just appear given a lot is done electronically these days.

I would make an early appointment with your new GP & make sure you chase everything.

Best of luck.

Ann x


I wondered about seeing if they could bring my appointment forward. You are right it is early days. Thanks for your replies, random things go through my head x



Good luck with your move! I also moved but 9 months into recovery. I’m my case though I moved from England to Scotland and into a new healthcare system. I have found it challenging on two accounts. My notes have not been transferred in a fashion that is easy to interpret and this has led to me having to explain myself again and again. I now have a hard copy of my scan results post stroke so I can show them directly to the healthcare professional. The 2nd ‘problem’ I have experienced is that I have no relationship with my new GP so it sometimes feels I’m fighting an uphill battle to be heard. In hindsight I think I should have made an appointment with her when I first registered just to have a chat.

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Sorry to hear about your stroke. I moved after I had my stroke after one year into recovery. It was quite challenging as my husband is usually at work so I had to try to tell him so he can help but unfortunately the aphasia didn’t help! Eventually I just tackled one task everyday and it seemed to go ok. I don’t think I’ll do it again though lol. I hope your move goes well - your doing well so keep going but pace yourself is a really good thing! :+1:


Sorry to hear about your stroke and that and moving house is a tough one. Printing out as many of your notes ias possible is a very good suggestion. You are also entitled to a 6-week review after your stroke so ask for that as it will allow you to meet the staff in the new surgery. All the best. Magga