4 weeks on Tuesday

Hi all just thought I would share my progress

It is 4 weeks on Tuesday since my stroke.

I am doing really well. It has left me with a weak left hand, especially my forefinger and thumb. I am doing strengthening exercises every day which are definitely helping. I urge everyone to do the same.

I get tired quickly and suffer brain fog quite a bit :joy:

Anxiety is still an issue, the constant fear that the slightest twinge in my head is another stroke. This is easing though with time and reading everyone’s experience on this forum.
Feeling this is normal really helps.

One thing that is odd and actually really nice is my senses in the woods and Forrest near our home are really heightened, I hope this doesn’t change :blush::blush:

I have a call with my doctor on Wednesday for a check up and the consultant at the hospital towards the end of the month. I am hoping I get the all clear to drive, not sure what the process is.

Thanks for reading and your support

Have a great weekend

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You have a good positive attitude that will help you very much if you have a tia stroke you should be able to drive after 4 weeks make sure you asked the consultant when you see him :grinning: :blush: all the best with your stroke recovery

Well done Graham. You are progressing well and doing all the right things. Your experiences are very common, especially the heightened awareness of Nature. Stroke, unwelcome as it is, makes one appreciate life all the more. I would be lost without our garden and it’s insects and birds. I still get the brain fog, but have learnt to live with it. Long may your progress continue,

@Gbucktrout Hi Graham, it’s great to hear you’re progressing so well. I too have a heightened sense of smell which is weird as I have lived most of my life not being able to smell anything. It’s great to smell food cooking & the flowers in the garden. I also have a heightened sense of hearing which I have to say isn’t so good :hear_no_evil: The anxiety does ease with time especially as you get more back to doing your usual activities.
Enjoy your weekend xx

That’s brilliant well done you :hugs:

I’ve had exactly the same thing, heightened senses, smells and colours all seem so much clearer, we live near the sea and woods so having some lovely walks.
I’m nearly two years, and still get anxious, especially if there is a lot of people around, but I’m coping better now, little steps.
Take care, you will get there :kissing_cat:

Glad to hear you are pootling along the recovery path @Gbucktrout. Anxiety, alas, pervades many of our spheres. At my best, I can say to it, “Is that all you got?” At my worst, I crumble into bed. I have had so many weird, worrying, and disquieting sensations over the past year and a half, you would think that by now I would have a handle of them. It doesn’t seem to work like that. My advice is to use mindfulness. Observe the sensation, notice it, flow with it. See what happens, nothing. Next time, do the same thing. Just experience it, observe it. Let it know you are doing just that and everything will pass.

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Thank you, good advice :blush: