4 strokes and counting

Hi folks, had my 4th stroke in just under 3 years, on Monday. Getting sick of wondering when the next one is coming now. It's destroying my life and my relationship??. The first one left me with weakness down my right side, which has been getting better. But just as it does, another stroke hits. I've also been left with stroke pains all down my right side. The drugs I'm on for that space me out a bit, so each day is a bit fuzzy, and it's hard remembering things.

I was 45 and beginning to enjoy life and a new relationship, after a messy separation/divorce. I'm now in constant pain, weak down my right side, and feeling useless. I normally just brush things off, laugh about it, and get on with it however I can. But I'm now becoming very down inside, and wishing I wasn't here half the time. 
So that's me???

Hello Chris, I guess the most important thing now, is to get yourself in a good space. I am 45 now, had my stroke at 44. I find focussing on recovery takes up a lot of time, but also can prevent the mind from sliding into low spirits. Of course, it isn’t foolproof, and I’ve slipped mentally on numerous occasions, I try and find a few things to look forward to everyday, no matter how small. Comfort things, usually. You have demonstrated that your brain and body is wilful by tackling four strokes, and that makes you a survivor. We are all likeminded here, and I hope that this forum can give you the support that you need and, of course, as Mahoney wrote, a platform to vent when needed.

Thanks guys. I will get there in the end, just having a crappy spell after the last one. I’ve not seen my kids since my first stroke, which doesn’t help with the mood. Divorce was really messy as the ex was fiddling the benefits system, to try and milk me for more money. I eventually got my proof thanks to my MP, but I was on the brink of being taken to court for nonpayment of child maintenance (which I shouldn’t have been paying at all). So think the stress of all that is what triggered the first. Done loads of charity work since stopping working, which keeps me occupied lol. Just need to get my head back in a happy place now. Holiday in 4 weeks, so looking forward to some sun :sunny:

Ps, I’ve also set up a new fundraiser to keep me occupied