3rd stroke and still looking for answers

Hi, I'm Deb I'm not sure how to go about this so I will just say it as it comes in my head which may be a little confused but...

I had my first stroke 10 yrs ago, thankfully I was only left with double vision( surgically corrected) some weakness on the left side and problems with perception of depth but over time I got over it.

In February this yr I had another stroke which has caused problems with double vision again, dizziness and balance memory and concentration writing and speech problems.

After all this time they still don't know what is causing the strokes but thankfully they are finally doing the tests that I hope will give me the answers so I can reduce my risk of another stroke.

Like other storys I have read this stroke has been difficult to come to terms with it has caused so many problems in so many different ways but I can and will move on with my life, I am only 54 and have a lot of living left to do.

Stroke.org has been a godsend for information and advice, I wish I knew about it yrs ago It's fantastic to actually read other stories and be able to relate to them because it's issues I find myself with now and they give me answers to questions I have had for years, so thank you all for sharing :)


Dear Deb

Sorry to learn of this years stroke, but its nice to have you on board. Many of us can learn a lot from you. I imagine things are much changed in ten years. I am aware how fast things have changed in the last three years, but going back to square one is a different thing altogether.

No two strokes are the same, but we do share many issues. The need to change our lives is a big issue but it has to happen. I still thing in terms of "old Colin" and "new Colin". Problems do indeed arise in so many ways and I am still trying to sort out how to cope with these changes. Only another SS really understands.

There was a forum on here that closed about two years (?) ago. That forum was indeed a godsend.There was so little info nor understanding that the forum was my handbook. A few angels who were ahead of me timewise were so much help.

You clearly have a positive attitude, which is so important. Yes you have a good part of life ahead. Retirement is the best stage of life, by a long chalk. As you start to recover, you will still have that great stage of life ahead of you.

Best wishes


Thank you, Colin

It has indeed changed over the past 10yrs 

I have so many appointments for different things that I never had with my last stroke It's hard to keep track of them, but very reassuring that they are doing all these tests to try and find a cause for the stroke after 10 yrs

I have so many questions that I would like to ask about various things I'm having trouble with memory is one of them but I have been told that it will take time for the brain to reroot itself, it can be so frustrating at times.

It's nice to know that I can talk to other people in the same situation as myself and ask all the questions that pop into my head when I remember


Best wishes

Deb :)



Dear Deb

I use a lot of "notes" to reduce the forgetting.

I know I often forget what I was about to note down. But it eases over time.

I am 45 months and still improving.

I think they might be concentrating on you because you have had two strokes. The consultants couldnt identify exactly why I had a stroke, other than I was unlucky.

Well I just convert that to say that I am lucky to have survived.

I think the re routing is "neuro plasticity". Science is starting to learn a lot more about our brains .

Best wishes