3 years on from 09/12/2019

I had my stroke exactly 3 years ago today, aged 62 reasonably fit & well. I thought I’d fainted, until I heard hubby say I’d had a stroke & all I could think of was ‘NO, NOT ME!’ I’d seen my mother have one and she gave up afterwards.
I was determined to get as well as I could. It didn’t help that early on in the following year 2020 we went into lockdown etc, so I had no Occ Health to afterwards.
I started my recovery by walking literally a few yards past my neighbour’s house & back & although it exhausted me, I’d achieved something. I built this up over a long period of time until I could walk around the block & further each time. Always wiped out but my stamina improved bit by bit.
I used to & can still have terrible cramp in the afflicted leg during the night & have lot of tension in that shoulder whilst driving. I got my licence back after 11 months& it felt so strange, just like a newly qualified driver the first time! Longer distances tire me, so i stop part way for a break.
I still have problems with background noise, e.g. music playing in cafes etc & general hub bub whilst out makes my head/brain tired. It wasn’t until I got in touch with HEADWAY, that I was informed that it was a side-effect of stroke/brain injury. Most places are understanding & will turn music down, if not I avoid them. Because of this we’ve decided not more foreign flights due to the noise.
I returned to work 18 months after the stroke in a major supermarket. My employers were brilliant with me throughout & reduced my hours & days to suit me. My colleagues keep an eye on me, even the youngsters who didn’t know me beforehand & if anyone see me limping, they know that I’m tired. I’m surprised at how many ask how it happened & how it affects me to this day. There are good people out there.
The moral of this is: there is LIFE AFTER STROKE! It takes a lot of adjusting to, not only for yourself but your nearest & dearest.
I never thought at the beginning that I’d recover as much as I have. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never be as I was, but I’m here and that’s a bonus!


@Blodwyn thank you for sharing your story. You’ve done really well & have come a long way.

It’s good to hear a positive story in relation to your work. Sounds like they are looking after you well.

There definitely is life after stroke. The hard bit can be accepting that it might be a different life to what you hoped for but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann xxx

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Perfect attitude @Blodwyn!
Well done but sorry you had the stroke.
You are correct about there being life after stroke. Things aren’t as easy but I’m certainly happy to be still breathing. We still have lots to give.

Keep smiling :grin:.

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Well done you. You had the perfect attitude to make improvement happen. I learnt to walk again the same way. Determination sees you through.

@Blodwyn Glad your this side of it and still being a champ :clap: