3 Strokes in 3 hours

I recently watched a fookin comlicated youtube vid about hemianopia and it also had some stuff about frontal lobe blockages radiating and often it hits the occiptal lobe and causes hemianopia.

I had to watch this about 6 times in bit to vahely understand but actually it has given me some answers!!

Thanks @SimonInEdinburgh you are always helpful :smiley:

I drew this picture to try and help me try and remember what happened.

Basically I went out of the hospital for a cig and then walked into a tree. My houseate said are you ok I said no but I want to go home. Then they took me back in.

That’s about all I remember before 3 hours of pain.

I’m still lucky.

@KivetonGuy - keep on going mate. everyone here really does understand x