3 Strokes in 3 hours

Hello all,

I have done as much research as I can with my hemianopia but I can’t really find anything on the web or you tube etc about anyone else that had 3 strokes in 3 hours (in their 40s!) and is still alive and (sort of) kicking…

I feel a bit embarrassed as I’m only 10 months post event and still trying but I just have no idea about who else could relate?

Ischemic not hemmoratic thankfully.

I hope everyone is keeping positive.



Sorry I can’t help I can’t imagine what you are going through you will get there you are obviously made of tough stuff xx


Just keep looking and asking.

I only found this group a few weeks ago and already I’m makin* better progress.

Best of luck


Hi, I’m sorry this has happened to you. Searching for answers is only natural, asking why?, I think we have spoken before, I can relate and understand how you feel, I too have left sided Hemonopia and had a tear in my cartroid artery at 41 causing my sight loss. I also had a brain bleed from a burst anurysm the following year. This can be very difficult to come to terms with. Like yourself and many others, the stroke happens usually out of the blue. I thought of myself healthy running up to 5 miles a few times a week then woke up one morning not being able to see. I had a stroke, That day changed my life and my family’s. Lke you, you have to take each. day as it comes, but try to enjoy what you can do, easier said than done I know, perhaps reach out for some counselling, you could try stroke association. If you are looking for answers as to why your stroke happened maybe go back to your doctor, but if you are on medication to reduce the risk of it happening again that’s has helped to reassure me. I think it’s only natural to ask questions Why me? and 40 is quite young to have a stroke.But at any age it’s a shock. Try not to worry as it can take over, which isn’t helpful, speaking to someone can really help. Sending best wishes for your recovery :+1:


Thanks Ellie

We have chatted back and forth I think! You are an amazingly courageous woman and mother who is trying everything to look after your cubs. As you should.

Thank you again for your kind words and I relate to everything you say.

I am incredibly, incredibly lucky to live in a capital city with easy access to real healthcare - I have seen so many doctors and am also so so so so so lucky to have a senior stroke consultant take a personal interest in me (and it is now that I think of him as a friend as well as a doctor) because people at 44 who have 3 strokes in 3 different lobes should be dead.

I, and all my specialists aee trying to explain this but even in London I have to wait so my next, and 1st, neurology (specifically neurology not stroke) consultant appointment is in March 2024.

I try and do everything I can to help - not just medically but going to see West Ham (in row 1 with a personal assistant for free) etc.

BUT - and I am sorry to say this - I just really really want to know about at least one person in the world that has had 3 strokes in 3 hours and survived. I am still struggling less than 10 months post events.

I hope your little angels love you as much as you love them - but that’s stupid. OF course they do.



There probably are others out there somewhere, maybe just not as able to use technology for any number of reasons, who knows. We tend to forget not everyone is as tech savvy :wink:

I suppose you are the epitome of the phrase ‘mind blowing’ :laughing:
I’ve found the whole stroke journey mind blowing and fascinating for me :blush: I’m just curious, which 3 lobes were affected?

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Thanks EE - I was discussing the exact same thing in my occupational therapist visit this morning and that makes perfect sense! I hope that any others out there are ok!!

I have tried to do as much research as possible in the 10 mins ish per hour of screen time I can have without my eyes going properly blurry!

I had one in each side of my frontal lobe in quick succession on my sofa - got to hospital hospital in about an hour, left side full paralysis for a few days - and the 3rd in my occipital lobe in the hospital causing unfortunately permanent hemianopia.

I really want to reiterate how lucky I feel I am to live in London and have had such good care taken of me so far and I really hope everyone is aware of and able to access all the resources they are entitled to!!

Keep on thinking positive!


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The 2 sides of your frontal lobe :open_mouth:
Ok so basically where all the Executive functioning takes place in your head . . . both side :hushed:

My daughter says, she would too if she was down there, she’d want to know everything, heck I have a million and one questions I’d like to ask…but I’ll refrain this is not a freak show! But this could affect so many different functions including personality and attention span, cognitive inhibition, regulating emotions, memory, etc etc etc., heck the list is mind blowing :exploding_head:
Heck it makes my little stroke of the left temporal seem more of a brain fart by comparison :rofl:

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Please, please ANY stroke is not a brain fart. I know yours must be affecting you in different ways too. As Dr S says - everyone and every stroke is different! :astonished:

Basically everything you have mentioned I have some issue with to one degree or another! But some are much less ‘worrying’ than others!

If you have specific questions I would be happy to answer them - please just privately message me.


@KGB up the Irons :grinning:

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West Ham are massive!! :hammer_and_pick: :hammer_and_pick:

:smiley: :grinning: :smiley:


Fantastic, massive match. Enjoy!!!


I wonder… Why do to describe as three stroke in 3 hours?
Sounds like you had a clot that maybe spilt up as it travelled and parts lodged in different areas. Ie 1 cause with three impacts that were felt in approx - from a bodily point of view - a single time frame?

Viewed like this you might have a more fruitful time searching for relevant references?



I recently watched a fookin comlicated youtube vid about hemianopia and it also had some stuff about frontal lobe blockages radiating and often it hits the occiptal lobe and causes hemianopia.

I had to watch this about 6 times in bit to vahely understand but actually it has given me some answers!!

Thanks @SimonInEdinburgh you are always helpful :smiley:

I drew this picture to try and help me try and remember what happened.

Basically I went out of the hospital for a cig and then walked into a tree. My houseate said are you ok I said no but I want to go home. Then they took me back in.

That’s about all I remember before 3 hours of pain.

I’m still lucky.

@KivetonGuy - keep on going mate. everyone here really does understand x


Sorry for swear words in pic :exploding_head:

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