3 months on

Its around 3 months since I had my stroke, ischemic stroke in my brain stem. Had my follow up and no problems with my heart so good news! Stay on the meds… dont know about anyone else but Im not keen on the statins. Just need to shift the fatigue now … apparently I should expect it to improve with time. Iv been discharged!!!


@Ktrean60 wow you’ve been discharged quickly but guess that is good news.

Hopefully you should continue improving & the fatigue should improve too. Mine is better but 15 months on it still gets me…just getting over a 5 day bout of it.

You could always ask your GP about the statins. There may be an alternative.

Best wishes.


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Some days are worse than others arent they, Im pretty floored today. I was suprised to be discharged so quickly but I relieved there wasnt anything more serious going on.
I think I will see my GP about the statins my cholestrol wasnt even high, they may be able to suggest something else.

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@Ktrean60 hi I’m 2 1/2 years post stroke, still get fatigue. However mine is down to having dangerously low vitamin d on meds for that too. I was also discharged, but only after a year, I’m still under neurology though. keep going


@Ktrean60 4 months since stroke and the fatigue wipes me out. I returned to work and gradually added more hours on each shift, back to full time this week with lots of breaks as and when needed so feeling really good.
Then on my day off did a few chores and went out to a local group for 2 hours and by the time i got back home I was shattered. Got in to bed and knocked out for 2 hours. I guess im saying its good days and bad and you have to listen to your body, rest when you need to.
Speak to your GP about your medications, good luck.