3.5 on the lipid scale

Went to the GP today for a general check-up, including news report on blood tests. Cholesterol now at 3.5, yippee, asked doc if I could ditch the statins, and he seemed okay with the idea, so I’m dropping down to 5mg, and we’ll monitor those internal workings and hope that I can forego the statins completely. He also reduced the Citalopram by half without any pause for thought, so I’m tapering off again but this time without having to split the pill in half.


Sounds very positive! Well done you! Im taking a good hard look at me going forward


That’s all positive @Rups. Hopefully dropping down on the statins will have no impact & you’ll be able to stop them in the future.

Good luck with tapering off your citalopram too.

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Great news :clap: Always good to know you are going in the right direction. Good luck with cutting down the medication.

Keep up the good work👍.

Regards Sue


Shwmae @Veggiepatch, I’d ideally like to be down to one pill a day, if only it was a proton pill!

@Mrs5K Aye, I am hoping dropping the statins may drop any side effects I may be experiencing from them. It will be interesting to notice the difference.

Diolch @Susan_Jane, we all choose the direction we travel, but not the obstacles that cross our path. For me, I would like to be released from all my meds but think this may be unrealistic.


That’s good cholesterol is at that level @Rups . Stroke nurse told me that 3 was the level they looked for in stroke patients. I think I was 6.7 when bloods were done at stroke diagnosis. Currently on 80mg Atorvastatin.