2nd stroke 12 months after 1st and no treatment

2nd stroke and 999 call giot me to hospital. Accident and Emergency dept put me into holding room set up in the plaster room in a reclining chair with a pillow and blanket for the night. Head scan to check for “bleeds” with negative results. No beds available anywhere in hospital gave me a prescription next morning and told me to collect it from hospital pharmacy and told me to go home under my own steam as no transport available.
I was in nightware and slippers and could only walk with difficulty. Managed to get a taxi for the 30 mile trip home (£60). Letter to GP outlining meds needed and since then have had to collect these monthly at my closest pharmacy 6 miles away so had to rely on neighbours to get me there due to driving ban for 6 weeks.
No follow up or any help offered and as I live in a rural location have severe difficulty shopping etc.
Health seems to be getting worse as now I can hardly get upstairs to bed each night and can no longer do housework to help my wife who is severely disabled.

No help groups here and Dr Surgery manned by locums as permanent staff cannot be recruited.

Appointments are impossible to obtain as the usual “Berlin Wall” has been erected by receptionists.

Have now just about given up and feel as though I will soon suffer something fatal and am powerless to do anything about it…

Complaints to health board and hospital getting nowhere.

Would not wish this on my worst enemy…

Where to now?

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@douglassewell that must be so difficult for you. I know its very difficult but keep pushinv for a GP appointment. You can insist on seeing one despite the receptionists protests.

I agree with @Mahoney re getting a care assessment for you & your wife. See if you can get an OT to assess you for any kit / equipment you may need too.

Hope you at least haveca follow up with tye stroke team. Ask the Stroke Association if they haveca support coordinator in your area. I have one & they’ve been great for getting answers from ny consultant & GP.

Wishing you all the best.



I had a bad stroke 5 months ago. I feel it’s hard to keep positive… like you I also wonder if i’m getting better or worse. Anyway I feel your frustration, and despite the odds I sincerely hope you and your wife pull through. When you said you would not wish this on your worst enemy, well, that’s the exact phrase I said not so long ago. Best wishes and good luck, Roland

Thanks folks for all your suggestions and understanding. Now obtained walking aids and other bits and pieces to help around the home although GP fails to understand the effect a stoke has had. Now sending me to get measured for pressure stockings in case blood flow causing dizziness? Missed appointment to see local authority nurse to get measured as I could not drive the 12 miles to see her. She got cross with me when I rang to explain circumstances and demanded I give more notice next time? ow when I found I could not drive there only when I got into the car 30 mins before appointment was due. Lack of understanding or care here with no appointment available until Feb. next year. Will not go as I fail to see at this stage how these stockings can help. View now is to just keep going as long as I can and to pot with an NHS that seems not to care up here in my area of Scotland. Anyway thanks all for your help and enjoy Christmas and the New Year whatever life brings.

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Hi @douglassewell
You’re nearest stroke unit should be Melrose. It’s possible that borders chronic stroke care is worse than Midlothian :frowning: - which hasn’t much of a reputation at the moment either.
I guess Edinburgh sucks everything from the environs - Longstone has a good reputation

NHS staff are under a lot of pressures - My guess is the individuals do care but the system that should support them is stretch to breaking point - medical care is something where the huge funds £180bn pa & 1.6m staff is horridly complex :frowning:

I would suggest that you make contact with The services teams at Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Who have outreach, and promise " no life half lived" and or phone their helpline 0808 801 0899 &| email adviceline@chss.org.uk

Like the stroke association hold NHS contracts to give support with chronic needs in England CHSS have the contracts north of the border. Both might be registered charities but they are paid service providers - maybe something that’s not made visible enough

I had a liaison nurse for the first 18 months who was very good. You should have one too who can help bridge access to services and explain courses of action open to you.

I would think if anybody gets crossed with you its just expressing frustration that might have been better put another way ( but wasn’t :frowning: ) - your accessing the services that may improve your quality of life - seems to me IMHO - shouldn’t be decided on interaction with somebody who should know better but didn’t on this occasion.

Your post doesn’t fully say what the challenge is you’re having is. It’s possible with a bit more detail other community members here can tell you about their experience of similar challenges that might explain why stockings were suggested or suggest alternative responses that will help your quality life

Thanks for the Christmas wishes and
I wish you and yours a good Christmas and a better 24 than 23

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