2nd major stroke

Hi all, well Dad is still not good...getting fed by a tube, no right hand side movement and sounding drunk when he talks. He was smiling and laughing with us yesterday which was nice to see. I am really worried about his recovery given he has only just recovered from the last one and literally just started to drive short distances and get his confidence back.

going in to see him again shortly. Work have been great allowing me to start very early to get my work done so I can get off to visit Dad.

last time we didn't have a good discharge experience, so really keen this time when it comes near the time it's done properly.

can any advise what should happen??? Thanks Karen x


Hi Karen, sorry we can’t be of any help advice wise. Just know we’re thinking of you all and hoping things go smoothly. V&J 

Hi Karen - have been wondering how things were going, so thanks for the update.  It is a huge worry for you, and such a cruel shame as he was doing so well.  

You need a really cast iron plan before Dad comes home - it is all too easy to feel set adrift as the support drops off so quickly.  I'm sure he wants to be home, but you need everything in place.  Try to think of every possible scenario, you need a thorough assessment of his abilities to enable you to make the decisions about his needs.  I know others will be able to give you more specific information, including things you may not have considered. (However, you've been through this once so you're probably on the ball).  

Best of luck, and let us know how things progress, folks are very caring and have followed your Dad's story to date ?

Hi karen sorry to hear about ur dad can i ask,when was ur dads first stroke.

19th May, he had a bleed in his brain that occasion which left him being like a 5 year old. He had done fantastic pushing himself and retraining his brain xx

Thanks Nic, I am struggling tonight after coming back from hospital so it was nice today read support xx

Means a lot from you both xx


So sorry to hear that i took a small stroke 4 weeks ago. My speach has been affected  hope he gets better soon was it another bleed he took.