25 years old

I recently had a stroke 7 weeks ago. Was initially sent home from A&E with a severe migraine and decided to go back to the hospital 48 hours later when I still had loss of vision. No one believed that something was seriously wrong until they saw scans. Since being told 7 weeks ago that I had a stroke I have taken many tests to find out the source which still remains unknown, my sight has not improved at all, I have lost the upper right quadrant of my visual field  which I am finding very difficult to get used to. Was recently told for the first time by a neurologist that my sight is never going to come back despite being told by other doctors that it could come back over night. I now have to rethink my whole recovery and then next step is to try and get me back driving again, I was due to start a job early September which is still waiting for me but I would need to be able to drive. Am struggling with fatigue which is making me feel useless, struggling without my independence as have had to move to my family home in the countryside and am struggling to help people understand how I feel, does anyone know any good forums with young people who have had strokes? as I can’t seem to find any.....

Hi Stephanie, Welcome aboard I had my stroke just over a year ago, I have only just started back to work for two mornings a week.  Each persons journey to recovery is different.  It sounds like you will need to get cleared to drive again, did you notify the DVLA? The hospital should have given you the notifications regarding driving after a stroke.  The fatigue is totally normal, its the one thing we all do get!!  The most important thing is that you do not rush things, listen to your body.  Take each day at a time.  Ring the stroke association helpline, there are other young people on this site that have had TIA/stroke and I hope they will see your message and reply.

The stroke line will put you in touch hopefully with a local group and a coordinator will be able to help you with everything, benefits while your off work, forms, courses, groups, recovery help sheets, and an understanding ear when you want to have a moan or get upset, which also happens alot.

Wish you luck, onwards and upwards.


Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear about your loss of sight. I lost just over half my visual field and had to give up my licence, so I understand just how frustrating the perceived loss of independence is. I remember all the Dr's at the time dodging the questions on my sight and no one really wanted to tell me that unless it comes back within the first 7-10 days your luck is pretty much out, would have helped me with coming to terms with it sooner. There is a Facebook group set up called "Different Strokes" which has a huge community behind it, many "younger" people too which I found helped when I had my stroke two years ago aged 27. Hope this helps. 



Hi Steph, same as you i had a stroke 5 weeks ago and got sent home 3 times with migraine, I lost half my visual field but about 50% of that came back within the first 3 weeks so now i have lost about 20% which the doctor said Proberbly won't come back if it hasn't already. Dizziness and fatigue is the worst for me. Looking after 2 kids and thinking about work doesn't help. Hope you feel better soon Steph x

Hi i had a stroke last december at the age of 25. I also have lost vision in the upper right quadrants. I do however find it easy to get about etc. I had just started my own business in the october! They havent found any reason for me to have had the steoke either. I was tlld from the beginning that there was a low chance my vison would return but some has. ( a very small amount). I get alot of flickering in my eye but thats happened for a while now. Hoping one day it comes back. Im looking to get my driving licence back but you do have to wait a year. Its really complicated. Ive sent and attatchment for you re driving.