23 years old and struggling

I'm 23 years old I had a stroke on the 22nd of January. Feel like I've been left to it and have to get on like I haven't even had a stroke. I feel like I've got no support even from my family just feels like no one cares and it a mental struggle for me to cope with trying to just get on and when I try talk to them about it its like in talking to a wall. Does anyone else feel like this? ?

Hi Chloe.

So young! You poor thing, I'm so sorry.

Welcome to the group.

You can ask any questions you have on here, someone will have advice for you.

Or, you can rant and rave, we are here for you.

Have you rang your GP?  They will be able to put you in touch with physio's who you may be able to have a video chat with.

Best of luck, let us know how you are doing

Love Julie.

Hi julie

Thank you! I know didnt even know you could have a stroke young until I had one. Worse thing is they don't know why I had tests done and nothing which I'm happy about but also leaves me confused to why it happened. They believe I had a seizure aswell with the stroke.


I've spoken to my GP but not really got anywhere at the moment with them? I had physio when I was discharged and I'm grateful for them but also feel like they didn't really stick about think I seen them a handful of times. 

It mentally dealing with it that's hard with feeling I'm on my own and cause I'm younger and I can move my arm and walk that people forget and I understand that i know how i was in hospital not been able to do anything and couldnt hardly communicate I've come a long way and I'm thankful for that but going through a lot and trying not to let it take over is hard when I feel like I could shout it and no one would hear.

Hi Chloe, welcome to the forum.  You might also like to take a look at

Different  Strokes.co.uk which is a charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors. I attend  a weekly stroke survivors  group locally to me in Kent, which I have found to be a very useful support, as the members are more understanding  of your situation. Take care and feel free to raise any concerns you might have, I'm sure there will be someone who will be able to offer some advice. Stay safe

Regards  Sue

Hi Chloe, post-stroke support is something of a lottery.  Some people receive excellent support, whilst others are very much left to their own devices.  I had to fight to get an appointment with a stroke consultant, following my husband's stroke.  Certainly once the inital six week period had passed there was no support at all.  I've had to learn about stroke through this forum and the wonderful people who share their stories.  You will feel supported here, there is always someone who understands what you are experiencing, and will explain things to you.  You can receive the benefit of their experiences, and find your way towards dealing with your recovery.  

Take care, get plenty of rest for now, and keep posting


Absolutely, Chloe, I concur with my friends.  Stroke obviously affects us physically, but MENTALLY too!  This is a good support website.  Please contact Social Work for support?  These are strange times for us all, but perhaps they can advise you either online or by telephone right now?

I was 28 when I collapsed.  I feel your pain.  It's devastating to come to terms with, as it is for anyone. Stay safe. x

Hi Chloe, welcome aboard, you are very young and with that on your side hopefully you will start to see improvement, there is life after a stroke, take one day at a time.  Try ringing the stroke helpline and see if you can get a visit from a stroke coordinator, they a a wealth of knowledge.  On this site there are many information leaflets that you can print, and I believe there is one that would be worth your family reading, explaining how you are feeling and what help you need.  My stroke coordinator bought them with her on her visit and I still have them some two and half years later and I still refer to them.  What you must remember is it will get better, you need to adjust to how you are now, and maybe set yourself goals.  Talk to your doctor even in these difficult times, they should be able to help you.  I assume you are off work, don't rush back until you are ready.  Take care, keep in touch on the forum. Wendy 

Google 'A letter from your brain'

A brilliant explanation of brain injury. Maybe show it to your family. It will help them understand.


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Best wishes


Yes I feel same. After a week at home sympathy stopped and had to get on with life. I had a SAH 2 years ago. I had CBT for anxiety (helped a bit), tried yoga (helped a bit too) and I have had Reiki for 18 months which has been a big help.
I don’t think anyone who has not had a stroke understands how shattering emotionally having a stroke is. It has been a lonely journey for me too. Developing a positive outlook and trying Reiki, Yoga, Mindfullness etc can be helpful. Think you have to try different strategies and support groups etc until you find something that helps you personally.

23 is very young. I thought I was young at 60 but obviously not! I am sorry that you have cause to be here, it’s very bad luck. There is so much “collected wisdom” here. You might also try the Stroke Association. I’m lucky with my GP as she is very understanding of both the (fairly minor) physical effects of stroke and of the emotional consequences but I hope that if your GP isn’t personally that useful he or she can at least point you to someone who is. The “letter from your brain” is really helpful