23/04 Ischemic stroke

Never been in hospital before, came as a complete shock to me, very bewildering and emotional. Seem to be making a good recovery but anxious that it may be a 'honeymoon period' and it may happen again, I'm 54, generally fit and healthy... is this typical or have I been 'lucky' as it may have been much much worse I guess..I do work in NHS CMHT.

Hi DG - I was 60 when I had my stroke (20 months ago) and had never had even a night in hospital until then, plus I wasn’t previously on any medication. I too described the experience as "bewildering and emotional". 

I've made a very good recovery after initially feeling scared that it might happen again (especially since there was no obvious reason why I’d had the stroke). Those feelings have passed and I feel as fit and healthy as before. I’m even more active now as I go to the gym three times a week - or I did pre-Coronavirus.

I do consider myself lucky in a lot of ways. Unlucky to have had the stroke, but lucky that I wasn’t too badly affected, that I could retire from work and focus on my recovery and that I had a great deal of support around me. 

Not sure how to answer your question about whether your experience is typical, although from talking to other stroke survivors I can safely say that no two stroke experiences are alike. Are you lucky? Well I certainly was and I’m sure other people will also feel like that. 

Hope your recovery continues well. 

Hi Jscapm

thanks for taking the time to reply, glad to hear your recovery has been so positive. Early days for me I guess but I'm trying to stay optimistic, glass half full kind of guy ??



Am a few weeks ahead of you and had the same type of stroke 30.03.20 and was shocked how anxious and worried I was for the first month to the degree where the visual problems I had were and remain preferable over the anxiety I suffered.

The mental effects blow me away and even now thinking about the bad days how it then impacted on my heartbeat, blood pressure and physical health but its totally to be expected as the brain is the most powerful organ in our remarkable bodies.

I was never a believer of mental health and previously had the attitude of man up and pull yourself together but never again. I found huge comfort in mediatation and hypnosis  and youtube is awash of these and they aided and got me to sleep many a night, lastly 2 apps to ease the anxiety I used are Calm and headspace.

Worrying about what hasn't happened will only make the worrying worse (easy said than done) and what you need is to recovery and relax to give your brain time to do what it needs to do moving forward.

Lastly on YouTube lots of talk about neuroplasticity the brains ability to retire and adapt, some positive articles and also a great distraction.


All the best


Rob (47)

I can relate to that, I had never been in hospital before I had mine which was just over a year ago now.  I had the same worries and it took a while before I got my confidence back but I did and I think being fit and healthy was actually a big help in recovering.  So, count your blessings, keep up the fitness and in time you will start to relax just remember to be kind to yourself.

Hi Rob

helpful reply thanks for taking the time