2 steps forward 1 step backwards

had my stroke 8 weeks ago, the feeling in my right hand side isnt great but getting better, sometimes it feels like im going backwards . i go to bed feeling great , i can walk yippee , then i wake up and my leg is stiff and i have to start it all over again so depressing to feel like you are making progress only to wake up feeling worse most of the time ???


Hi @daveymitch

You’re looking at your progress through a very granular lens.

There are endless posts on here about going forwards and backwards. The welcome post mentions it and so do many others if you use the magnifying glass.

If you look at progress over time scale measured in months you’ll likely see a more steady progress than if you look at the level of days.

I’m at 3 years and I’m still having setbacks but they are not the thing to focus on if you want to feel good about how you are progressing :slight_smile:


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@daveymitch this is a pretty normal part of stroke recovery & you are still in the very early days.

I kept a diary so i could plot my progress. It is useful when you’re feeling a bit despondent because you can look back over a longer period & see how far you’ve come.

I think it is better to track progress week to week, month to month rather than a day to day. Much easier to see the progress.

Wishing you all the best.



You’re only 8wks over your stroke! 8 months from now will be a different story. Hopefully your leg won’t be stiff and drag so much. 18mths from now hopefully you’ll going on 4-6 mile walks/hikes as I was.

I’m 2 years yesterday post stroke! I still have foot drop but even that has its optimal time of day when it doesn’t drop at all, which is usually around midday for several hours…and shoes also help when it does drop.

It’s always 2 steps forwards, one step back and the brain fog and fatigue don’t help. The way I look back at it now is that all those hang-ups and holdups were there to prevent me from doing too much too soon and hindering my brain’s recovery and causing myself more damage.

You are making progress! You just don’t always see or feel that progress because it’s all going on inside your head. The external parts of you are always the last know :wink:

Stay positive, you are getting there. Keep taking the tablets, eat healthily and walk regularly.
We all have our down days and they are fine, just don’t let them keep you down. Keep pushing forwards, onward and upwards :people_hugging: :people_hugging:


an interesting way to look at it , never thought of it like that before, i think ur right, it prevents me from doing too much , cheers bud


It’s not any experts professional opinion, its just how I perceive it.
Stay positive and don’t try to fight it, fingers crossed it will improve in time with patients as it did for me. :smile:

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@daveymitch so sorry about your stroke. We have our ups and downs continually.
I’m one and a half years into this dreadful thing. At the 6 month mark I was walking a mile and almost 80% recovered. Today I am finding it hard to type, to walk, get out of bed etc. due to late onset spasticity/hypertone. Do all the right stuff: Eat well exercise, take your meds and join us here for support.
All the best to you,