2 half years on

Hubby had a stroke Christmas eve 2020 though lockdown he was in hospital for a bit than rest home before coming home
Over total negligence from doctors and occupational therapy and local council hubby been left to get himself moving his self
2 and bit years on he as more movement in his left leg he can push himself up but he still can’t move from bed to chair
Do anyone else going though same thing is he going get better is it best going though private rehab
Any suggestions would be great full
Poor love feeling low at the moment

@teresa_rockley sorry to hear your husband hasn’t had the best care. I would see if the GP will refer him for physio/ occupational therapy. It’s never too late to make improvements so hopefully you can get some further help. Best of luck xx

Thanks I will have a word with my GP
Cause when he was home he did get occupational therapy and they got him walking took three of them but we were getting there than he was sent for build up shoes got told they getting him morehelp with his walking.
That was may 2021 after that we had nothing he now got back to not walking and we seem to got back to where we started

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My husband is in the same boat -back where we started. He just didn’t respond to practicing standing let alone walking. One leg is weak due to Stroke; the other due to cerebral palsy. He just will not walk. 3 and a half years since the last of 3 strokes and he is not motivated to do anything about moving. he can transfer to a wheelchair, but even for that, he prefers to get up with the molift, me pushing him around; he can pull himself up on it but not much else. It’s me that gets frustrated with him. He doesn’t seem to mind not doing anything but watch TV and listen to audiotapes. We tried calling the OT to assess our house again for the ramp in to the house, but they are not bothered, probably due to long long queues demanding their attention. Nowadays I don’t try to get him to practise standing or doing any exercise. He just gets aggravated with me. I am tied to the house to get him stuff -drinks etc. I manage to get out for an evening a week if not 3 for church related things.
It’s a balance!

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Hi TR and AC sounds like your both having tough times only thing I can offer is a couple from the stroke support group I attend who have the finances have had private sessions with some success but not cheap. lack of motivation effects us all and it’s a struggle. Have you got a local stroke support group that has carers sessions you have to look after yourselves Our thoughts are with you and others in your situation

I don’t know if it will be appropriate but maybe for transfers you could find out about something called a ‘banana board’. If you mention it anyone connected with dealing with limited mobility will know what you mean and could give advice for your particular case.

If you talk to your adult social services there at be able to help with kind regards des

Hi Teresa-- I read that rehab doesn’t just have to happen in the first 6 months–that people who started 2 or more years later still made progress with rehab. So, if it were me, I do anything I could to get him some physical and occupational therapy as soon as possible. My best to you both. :heart:Jeanne

Good morning Anne
How are you this morning
Sorry you going though the same thing as us we do put up with a lot
Think we deserve medals
Our lad can’t move from bed to chair wish he could
Hopefully it going get better for you

Thanks for your response. Even if we got medals the problems remain. The Commonwealth games guys get medals but have to go back to practising to ensure they can do the next race/ competition. Theyare very disciplined. I don’t think I could be that disciplined. I am sure my husband never was! He once did march up and down with the RAF Regiment Band in the 1970s but since then he has not wanted to exercise! His CP diagnosis was not made till c 2009 though he has limped ever since birth. So 3 strokes did not help him at all! The care package I guess is to help me rather than him since they come in the morning when I am at my worst physically; they give 2 visits a day am pm and if I get a respite week or days they will come 4 times. A lot of carers don’t get that level of care and I am grateful and do get help with the payments. Meanwhile, I guess if my husband is willing to simply sit watching TV, I’ll get on with other things. So I am glad his aggravations with me are not too often, only when I make a suggestion to take him out or to try an exercise with his legs or speech therapy! The Attitude of Gratitude determines our altitude in life! Thanks again to you for responding!