1year on

It's exactly a year today since I had my subarachnoid hemorrhage! It's been a strange day as I have no memory of the day it happened or the following 5 weeks. I'm so glad I survived as our grandson is due in 3 weeks! So excited but with the way things are with covid-19 we probably won't see him for a while so will have to be happy for our son to send videos and photos. It's been a quick year and I would say I almost feel back to how I was but less stressed. Just want to say good luck to everyone who is going through their own recovery.

An important day for you and a lovely positive post.   Happy anniversary, stay well and stay safe.

Great to hear, Katy!


Well hi everyone

I just thought i would offer you some encuoragement,It was shocking to me, after many years of cycling.the stroke stopped all attemps. after 8 years post stoke i had not had any interest in anything let alone the physical effort of biking.in the past five days i have managed to get on my bike ,not the 4,000 miles a year I used to do but just around the block. Wow.I had no energy but made the effort,Maybe the start of somthing good .Thanks and praises.


Ill put my history post up soon I wrote it some time ago just have not done it . 

Hi Stephen, so good to hear that you're back in the saddle - this is great progress!  I'm reluctant to sell our lovely bikes, in the hope that one day my husband might want to try to cycle again.  We only ever used our bikes on holiday in Italy, but it would be good to use them again.  So you have given me some encouragement that it might be possible!!  

I'm so pleased that you have managed that first ride, let's hope it's the first of many more. 

Look forward to reading your 'history' if you feel like posting.  Take good care ??