1st busy loud social event yesterday

Hi folks
Had my 1st excursion to a social event that was lots of people and chatter with some thump thump low level background “music” yesterday evening 2yr after stroke

Had one glass of prosecco & 2 0% beer and couple hours mostly stood (slight wobbles in the leg) and talking to other couples about the usual "what do you do… etc - pleased to report I managed pretty much ok

Was glad to leave but was unsure why and how I felt. Not fatigued but not 100%

This morning was a real struggle, sleep was lousy too. Coming out of it now (benefits of a coffee?) but not going to do exercises this morning

I guess just another boundary tested and some things too note on the post stroke road - the ‘gift’ that keeps giving
Hope your all learning & improving too


Hi, we recently celebrated our friend’s 60th birthday in a hall with a live band and a DJ. I managed to get through the evening and stayed for most of the evening and my biggest battle was trying to hear what people were saying, although in fairness to me, I think everyone was struggling to hear. We have 2 weddings to attend this year so I’ve got plenty of opportunities to get myself used to being around lots of people with lots of noise.

Just off to a funeral this morning. Not looking forward to that but then who does.

Regards Sue


Have managed a few theatre visits, on two occasions kept eyes closed as glare and noise was all too much but peeped now and again.But plays and plots I’m familiar with ok. Don’t know why but cinema has no appeal, can only watch a little TV Radio4 use to be always on now very rarely, it’s an effort to listen to news and first report of any tragedy or war it’s turned off. But things have improved. Fresh out of hospital a disturbing storyline on my wife’s The Archers , her favourite listening got me ranting and raving and having embarrassing meltdowns, had to retreat to bedroom and stick my head under pillows , two years on thankfully things a lot better and not so emotional but now and again taken by surprise. My small granddaughters insisted I watched a film, Think it was ‘Frozen’. Every thing freaked me out, songs, syrupy American accents animation and glare , so kept stiff upper lip and sat it out was painful but survived and the girls didn’t notice and thought I’d enjoyed it. :crazy_face: As we know all strokes are different thank heavens and still getting use to mine. Paul


@SimonInEdinburgh well done on getting through it. Thats a massive achievement on its own.

I’ve not tried anything like it yet but a recent visit to the office had my head spinning for days.

I will be so happy the day I can go to the theatre again. I’m with Paul @Pds re cinema.

Hope you don’t feel too wiped out for long.

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Hi Simon, post stroke life is indeed a learning journey. I managed a 5 mile bus journey and back on Tuesday. I managed it but it left me exhausted all day Wednesday. The mild weather helped but I did learn that I will only know how much I can do by trying it.


well done on the bus journey - I can now manage a 10 mile bus journey to town and back once a week without feeling too awful. A longer journey wasn’t such fun afterwards but I’ m glad that I did it

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Well done :slight_smile:
Haven’t tried a bus yet!

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As someone who has scarcely got into the great outdoors, I read of your experiences with great interest.
I am hoping to make my first foray to a day centre (yes, we spell that last word that way in England and English is our language) type thing for a couple of hours later this week.

To think it isn’t that long ago that getting out and about was no big deal.
Being nervous about first steps brings back vague memories of being taken to school that first day, to discover so many new things, so many years ago.

Whatever, I am still alive and have no intention of stopping kicking yet.
Watch out world!!

Thank you all, for posting your experiences, you are trail blazers and path finders, giving others encouragement and much needed hope and direction.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:


Hi, its hard getting back out there post stroke, I think loss of confidence is a big one. Our bodies have let us down and its hard to rebuild the person you were. It sounds like you coped well with your social event :). My stroke was in December and I went for a family meal a couple of weeks ago, it was great to get out again but I have noticed I am very noise sensitive since the stroke and felt a little overfaced. The next day I was really tired, I guess its different for everyone but at least its a step forward.
Sending best wishes to you and everyone on here for their recovery journey.


I’ve had problems with background noise since my stoke - it causes a type of tiredness in my brain where the clot was. I try to avoid places with loud music, but I must say that no place I’ve been to has refused to turn it down when I’ve asked, but I always explain the reason why & they’re understanding. It’s as though my brain is fighting to decide which noise to focus on.

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My brother is the one badly stroke affected, but I have to add that I think we all struggle with background noise as we age! I hate those social occasions where half the discussion is missed and you come away exhausted.
What I mean is, it’s not just a stroke gift thing!

Also, practice makes perfect. Keep socialising.

Hi Simon
I am three years post stroke. From being a social butterfly and always out and about pre stroke, I have to admit that post stroke is very different. I rarely drink now and going out is planned to ensure I have rested before hand and have time to rest afterwards. I do attend things but never stay as long as I would like as I know the consequences!
It is all about learning what works for you, we are all different!!
It is frustrating at times but I like to attend somethings for a short time rather than missing out completely. Although I have missed out on things and will continue to I suspect.
Festivals are a definite no for me now :frowning_face: but I still enjoy some things. It isn’t all doom and gloom.
Good luck and I hope you do get to enjoy yourself at future social events! :slightly_smiling_face:

@dingalingalong yeah I’m sure you’re right - have to keep saying “oh yes” or “interesting” because a tenth “pardon?” Won’t do!

Definitely won’t be doing festivals!
Going out is good :wink: just the threshold between ‘to much’ is lower now

Enjoy your outings too

Well done Simon, keep going :+1:t2:I guess everyone is different and coping in different ways. My stroke was four plus years ago now, noise and fatigue are a struggle every day.
I have to block my ears when an emergency vehicle is near with its siren on, makes me want to be physically sick.
I can no longer attend social get togethers with loud music, football matches, kids screaming and such like.
Peace and quiet is a must these days, it took a long time to adjust.
Its a long old road but keep plugging away.
Keep well👍🏻

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Funny that accepting is sometimes hard when it’s always been some folks choice. I guess it’s the ‘no choice’ thing and suddenness that makes the change noticeable